A couple of notes about CLNY supply

Hey guys! In the last week, there were a lot of discussions about CLNY supply and quite a lot of complaints about communication between the community and core devs.

Let me try to bring clarity to both of these topics.

About CLNY supply

Let’s start with some math

Max supply
Max supply of CLNY tokens is 144,800,000, where 70,952,000 CLNY goes directly to the NFT landlord, other 73,848,000 goes indirectly via DAO and liquidity mining program.

Average minting per NFT plot
If you split direct 70,952,000 into 21,000 you will get that on average each piece will generate only 3,378 CLNY.

New Max supply
On another side, if all of us decide to speed-up minting and build improvements, we might potentially burn 55,440,000 CLNY. And Max supply after Epoch 1 is finished might hit 89,360,000 CLNY.

By initial design, potentially in the first year will be burned 38.29% of CLNY supply. If you know any other project on the market that has a better deflation mechanism please point us.

MarsColony products and CLNY utilization

As you might guess, do not stop development with the first stage of the project. Right after MarsColony went live we started research towards building the DeFi ecosystem for the colony.

Right now in our mind several products that can be launched increase the utilization of CLNY tokens within the ecosystem.

  1. Liquidity mining (development is in progress)
  2. MarsColony DEX (on research stage)
  3. MarsColony stable coin backed by LP tokens or NFT plots (to do)
  4. Lending platform to borrow stable coins against your NFT land plots (to do)

Please do the math on your own on how much CLNY will be utilized with every one of these products

:exclamation: Important

Each of those products has to be open-sourced and can be developed by anyone from our community who has expertise in the field.

So if you feel that the core team moves too slow, please take an initiative to get funding from Community Treasury and build it for the colony.

Start your initiative here DAO and Governance - Mars Colony


So early! Hoping to see, how this project evolves! :mechanical_arm:


Bullish on clny :dancer: yeaaaaaa


If I have the most improved plot, then it brings 14 CLNY per day.

3378 / 14 = 241 day.

  1. What will happen after? Will I get 14 tokens further, “taking” them from the “slower” plots?
  2. What happens after all 70,952,000 CLNY are minted.

It’s not fair, the whales are doing well again. Or am I wrong?

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You are researching the wrong direction guys. Please focus on MC as the game. You should find reasonable ways for colonists to lock more CLNY supply + onboard more low-net-worth colonists to the game. DFK wink wink


LFG!! Super Bullish on MarsColony!


Thanks for the update sir

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Point 1 - Feel the keyword is average (“on average each piece will generate only 3,378 CLNY.”).
You can get more $CLNY from your maxed out plot, but the maximum $CLNY supply for plot is 70,952,000. I suppose that means it’s beneficial to upgrade them plots asap!

Point 2 - Good question… me and lot of others are wondering the same. Maybe the plot upgrades will have more use-cases built it. For eg: space ships or vehicles need a plot and a certain level of upgrade.

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Yes, actualy my questions are a bit ritorical.

I think the main goal for improvements is to diversify experience and vacuum more people into the game. Something like you propose - spaceships or vehicles for heroes, who can earn coins by doing some tasks. This should be not CLNY tokens (with limited emission) but some other token, like Mars Dollars with unlimited emission, minted and backed by plots. Heroes must spent this tokens on food, fuel etc.


Ah! I’m bad with rhetorics! Yes similar thoughts as you. An economy that has a second currency coin that leverages on CLNY use cases.


maybe issue another token as rewards


There may come a time when we need to introduce a secondary token or some type of rewards for missions as we build out our universe. Maybe our NFTs (robots, whatever) can have specialties and can collect $DUST tokens(Mars is covered in red dust, right?) and other trinkets that can be traded for $CLNY in the marketplace similar to DFK. They have mining, fishing, foraging and gardening professions that we can put a space spin on for our NFTs. Would be so cool to have a summoning function for our GEN0 robots/astronauts similar to DFK. I say copy their model as much as possible just because they are so popular, but dress it out with our Mars/space/astronaut/robot universe and story. The possibilities are endless!

Hey @Hermes

  1. The number you’ve shared is average earning if 100% of plots will be upgraded. If you upgrade but someone else not, then you will get most of the CLNY tokens
  2. Once 144,800,000 CLNY is minted (including burned tokens for upgrades). The minting function will be paused and CLNY will not be generated anymore.

We’ve received a lot of feedback with requests to launch GameFi that allows users do not to worry much about CLNY minting speed. I think it’s a quite a reasonable concern. So in the first stage, we are going to release a couple of DeFi concepts where CLNY can be used. For other stages there are no commitment yes, please help us to set up priority by engaging with the public road map: User feedback tool - Upvoty

Yep, especially if not everyone upgrade their plots, you’ll have more chances to ming more CLNY

I think it will, in the future. But we try to do things step by step :slight_smile:

Sounds like a request for a second token :slight_smile:

@eugenefinch please check our this idea too :slight_smile:


Sir @father what if soon if those 144m CLNY sre already minted? So what’s nyour next solution or possibly, that if you have fully upgraded on your land? That’s all the purpose of the land? Just.to get minted or and if its already minted all 144m CLNY so it will become land useless? Why? No minted after 144m clny generated?

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