About MarsColony IDO campaign (Reasons and conditions)

I cannot agree enough with this statement. Why? These type of decisions should go on vote. A lot of crucial and sensitive stuff are being decided and executed by the devs leaving the community powerless which is against decentralisation that this project should take it’s true authenticity and democracy get from. The people who play and support Mars Colony aren’t naive and indifferent. We clearly observe every step the devs take. We also care dearly about the decisions are being taken on behalf of the landlords and avi owners. I still have my hopes up thinking that hopefully the decisions the devs make for us will benefit the whole colony in the near/mid or long term future. We shall see how everything unfolds. For now, I’m being patient and still holding my faith about the project.


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Here are my thoughts. Don’t do this. Bridge tokens from Harmony at a later stage. Slow the rate of upgrades initially by not having a liquidity pool initially.

Liquidity pool can be created upon bridge from Harmony to Polygon after a month of mainnet launch. This forces the supply to be drawn from Polygon lands for a full month and this would be the only way to upgrade until bridging is enabled.

This will control the rate of production initially and give dev time to build the bridge from Harmony to Polygon. Future launches should be handled the same way except now more bridges will need to be worked on as the entire ecosystem should work on the same CLNY supply.

My two cents.


No brainer, right. The fact that the devs are giving an image that they are too intelligent to make these type of decisions that will not really benefit the investors is making me think that someone out there are getting paid generously or exchanging the community’s trust with money. Again, time will show us about the real intentions of the decision makers. Take a note that Rumi you’re being inspired by was a selfless man. Just saying.


I like the idea of the one supply token for all the chains. I was the supporter of the idea since the beginning. You can find my posts talking why I think it’s an important ideology.

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I know its easy for harmony folks to say WTF why doesn’t this poly launch benefit me more directly, but, this IDO is a chance for new investors (mostly poly people) to get in early and make some money and then have a stake in the project. There needs to be more incentive for polyMars obviously since we still haven’t minted half of the third of the plots available on poly. The minting is also raising funds for our dev team, which may or may not be seriously needed after such disastrous downturns recently in the market. I hope all is well out there, and I respect the decisions of the devs to try and create more incentive for poly folks to get involved. I dont have any money to put into the IDO or polyMC mint and that’s a bummer, but ultimately they need to do what they think is best for the health of the project overall.


Oops sorry was just doing avatar missions. Maybe the devs are doing this in the name of lore to build hostility between Harmony and Polygon for when these two planets inevitably go to war. The good news is we have the greater numbers Harmony Martians, stand strong we will invade and conquer. See you on the front line.

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This was always the plan right? There will new tokens (xCLNY) on subsequent chains existing independently. So when you say this is a unilateral decision now, that actually is not right.
Also buy pressure will come with more utility. The game is being built, Mars colonization has just started. I know crypto moves at the speed of light but game dev happens in real time. Most of community is ok with a the rate of growth in game. Price has taken a bigger hit for the worse I agree, but we are in a bear market if you haven’t noticed.

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I think I should be clear when I say this. I’m a supporter of the project and my advice comes from that perspective. Although profits are a motivator for most, that is not the case when I offer my advice. The reason why it makes sense for the CLNY to be universal is because it allows for more control over the colonies from a development standpoint. Single token for all chains. Having a new token altogether causes confusion especially when you take into consideration that the plans call for a universal goal of unification. How can you unify all the games if you have different tokens for different chains that have nothing to do with another? I could go on and on about the benefits. But if the goal at the end of this is to have a single game that is universal, you also need a tokenomic that is universal. Allow the chain to grow independently for a bit and then merge the tokenomics for a faster expansion and giving benefit to all. If they are separate projects, then treat them that way and don’t brand them as it takes away from the unified approach.

My two cents.


Reading this thread has been enough to turn me off MC for a while. Devs continually making decisions without community consultation and then claiming to be DAO/decentralised is a piss take. I’ll continue to accumulate as a landholder and maybe one day it will be worth something but I haven’t seen much in the way of improvements for a while now (the missions suck and everything else has just been UI changes and Poly this, Poly that).


I think we need a proper explanation on the thought process behind this decision, because one this was never put across a vote to the community, and 2 I think there is a few community memebers that are rather smart and understand tokenomics better than you think @father @eugenefinch

From the outside it looks to be nothing more than a cash grab, if and if you were to get money as you stated from polygon, how would that work, because any investor would be looking at Harmony MC and think well why do i invest in poly MC if Harmony ONE MC is not functioning yet, and this raises more concerns than opportunities imo.

But let’s continue. During the proposal phases, it was the community who over and over said that we should not introduce another planet until Harmony MC has functionality to operate, and eliminate the pressure, and yet you the team pushed on with this and blatantly ignored the wishes of the community. You say in your white paper and I quote " The Proposal: To colonize blockchains

Colony is a community-owned and governed project. The Colony DAO starts operating once the settler are deployed on the mainnet of chosen network. Yet it seems to be more like it’s a @father dictated direction by subtly pushing your own vision. If you wanted this not to be a community project you shouldn’t of sold it as such.

So here we are, what’s next? I think you, the core team needs to start paying attention, listening to the community on suggestions and start taking it more serious, if you truly want to build a successful product then be transparent with mediators, give them weekly updates, access to project meetings discussions to ensure that community sentiment is caried across the project. I for one would really like to see this project succeed, but I’m afraid @father you have let us down, and I really hope you can read this and understand that I speak for many of the community and would like you and the core team to take drastic action to change that! [quote=“eugenefinch, post:1, topic:98”]

Metrics for success

We believe that the biggest value of MarsColony is the community, who are at the same time users, investors, players.

Last but not least, when is the treasury funds being released to the community to setup the multisigs? Releasing treasury fund to CLNY holders Upon DAO’s decision Todo

and closing off, by saying that either @father needs to step up his game, and get alligned with the community and core team or leave it to the community and core team to run the project as it was originaly intended. Having a vision means nothing if it cannot be executed to work as it was intended for.


Unfortunately got to agree here. Father you’re not living up to your end of the bargain and this disjointed approach is causing a lot of FUD. The only thing I learnt from the AMA is that you are not on the same page as the core team. Despite being a big supporter from day one, i’m now looking at my exit strategy as it’s clear your vision isn’t going to do anything for Harmony anytime soon. The community has stated their wishes numerous times over several months. Build the game mechanisms, create a perfect Proof of Concept before expanding multi-chain. You haven’t done so and you’re expecting the community to blindly follow to polygon when you aren’t delivering what is being asked. Unfortunately it’s time for me to get a rocket back to earth for me.


Not a damn thing needs to be said after what AgentGreenStix said. 100% on point! Mic fucking drop!


Hey guys, trying to cover all comments on a new post.

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@father please have a read at this proposal for project governance Mediator Groups Proposal and Project Governance


Hey guys, gather all concerns into one place. Let’s talk


I don’t understand why original CLNY token wasn’t migrated to Polygon to mint new plots. First decent opportunity to alleviate downward price pressure and you refuse. What is going on with team?!?

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Hey @DaddyDeux keep going to the original plan. Each planet has its own economy. They can’t use the same token (at least not from the settler setup). But we discuss bridging CLNY to Polygon and setting up liquidity for the pair CLNY / pCLNY.

Isn’t this just needlessly diluting potential value of CLNY? There is obviously not enough current interest in the project to draw liquidity to the original currency. Why divide demand? Each planet can have its own economy while still using the same currency. That’s how the Euro works. Italy and France have seperate economies while using the same currency. Seperate tokens for each planet makes no sense.

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Yep, I do understand what you mean. From our point of view, before the currency is merged into one, both planets should become independent and their economies should be self-sustainable. At least this was our initial vision.

I don’t say that we have the ideal solution at this point. I am happy to learn and improve. If you have a model that can work in the way you suggest, let’s chat.

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I wouldn’t call it a “model” per say. Just have one currency for the entire project. Any and all planets can still have individualized “economies” within the ecosystem. Utilizing the same currency in no way hinders growth, only helps it.

And land/avatar sales should be transacted in CLNY as well. These are the two largest and most obvious use cases for the currency and they are being completely discarded.

Since plotholders are the stakeholders, and the plots emit CLNY, then CLNY should be the in-game currency for all transactions, or else the plots have no value and buyers are simply lighting their money on fire. This seems like it would have been obvious from the beginning.