About the Core Devs communication and complains around it

There were a lot of messages in TG and Discord that the core team has to be actively engaging with the community giving daily updates to keep the community excited and CLNY price up.

Please calm down

Firstly, the core team will not be speculating on CLNY’s price. It’s illegal. We are about building products, not selling bulls*it.

Secondly, MarsColony is a community-driven project where 100% of NFT and CLNY supplies belong to the community. If you feel that the core team put not enough effort into spreading info about MarsColony, please take the initiative. You are the owner of this project, don’t sit and quietly wait until the project grows up. Be an active part of the MarsColony.

Thirdly, I would like to remind you that the community treasury will be 44,888,000 CLNY. We believe with such a fund every initiative can be funded. Do not hesitate and start your initiatives here: https://people.marscolony.io/c/governance/6

Forgive me in advance, if anything sounds rude. I do not have the intention to offend anyone

Core team focus

Worth mentioning, that we do not ignore your feedback, we hear everything and try to do our best to execute it.

Communication & Marketing

@brother just joined the core team this week to:

  • Lead the communication with the community (Weekly / Monthly progress updates)
  • Make this forum our new home, where everything will be searchable and transparent
  • Taking growth initiatives, once new products are released

@nikita_live91 will be coordinating

  • Relationship with external communities
  • Regular AMAs
  • Taking marketing initiatives & supporting users

@lyagushka is the best person to support you on discord or other channels. He will try to make your experience with the MarsColony community as smooth as possible.

Product Development & Expansion

@eugenefinch @MEMOLOGICAL_EXPEDITI focuses on releasing new products and features collected from your feedback and described above.

@father (me) focuses on project expansion and MarsColony success as a colonization framework.


We are looking for

Or just start your own Development or Growth initiative at https://people.marscolony.io/c/governance/6


Appreciate the update. Who are the devs on the project?

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@MEMOLOGICAL_EXPEDITI is the project CTO @eugenefinch is Head of Product, myself (@father) responsible for the tokenomic, strategy and expansion.


Good day @father, just a suggestion sir that hopefully soon sir, those characters, other planet etc, i suggest sir that CLNY be used for mint and not ONE or other cryptocurrency, let CLNY used for mint in the future sir, so that the CLNY will be more pump


Thanks guys. This is for the ‘wen lambo’ brothers


Thank you for your efforts. I totally understand your frustration with some comunity members who are only chasing pumps, it is unavoidable in this space. Please know that all who really want the project to succeed understand It is paramount to focus on developement and don’t want to distract the team with silly comments. Please keep the good works we highly appreciate it.


I wasn’t even aware of the complaining but it’s not surprising. The crypto community can be so toxic sometimes especially now that it’s all become about making money and less about revolutionizing finance. As long as this project isn’t a scam and the devs continue to reach the milestones on the roadmap the price will go up overtime. Patience is key and with a market cap this small I suspect the gains will be pretty spectacular for the HODLers. Personally, I’m happy the price dropped. Cheap upgrades anyone?


thank you for your efforts and good luck to all of us
Love Marscolony project!


The only people mad right now are the ones who are bad traders. They bought at the top or got to greedy and now they need fast cash out.

I’ve seen more communication from this team than my own family.

Please continue to stay the most logical development. Those people are just running on emotion.


How we can help our community?


Thank you for the announcement. It’s the right one. You got my support. :+1::sunglasses::+1:


Thanks for the heads up sir! Keep going! We’re still early


New MarsColony is good and looks to the future and there is still a long way to judge him. Just be patient with your investment in the project. This is only the beginning
Not everyone knows how to grow crops
Of course, there is a profit-taking. This is a normal thing with every currency or project

If you catch up late, you are wrong, this is just the beginning Hang on, it’s not the time to sell, the time to invest


You guys do an amazing job at communicating, compared to the majority of platforms I use…:muscle:

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Getting someone who’ll be in charge of marketing stuff is a great idea - not for the wrong reasons, but to introduce this amazing project to the whole crypto community. The Mars domain is amazing and it can be “marketed” in many exciting ways. Like you said, though, this is community project, so we should take initiative and start helping. I hope people start to realize what this stands for.


lez go clny!!! …just wanted to say that but since it was less than 20 characters I had to write all this. smh


Are there any positions open for scoring any promotional or even in game footage?

Appreciate the update. Thanks for a great start to the project and I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with in the next few months and years!

Hey @MockieToxie just want to highlight that we are here not for pump/dump things. We try to build something unique and do not play with user funds.

Yep !

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Help us to make this forum better place [Share opinion] How to make this forum your new home?

Do you have anyone in mind ? We are happy if more ppl will join core team!

Please DM @eugenefinch