[Approved] Proposal 1.0: Maximizing outcome of collected funds

Hey guys, friends, martians :slight_smile:

I am excited to kick up the first proposal for our organization. Due to the size of our organization, we will keep it off-chain, and make decisions via this forum.

We’ve got several requests/suggestions from the landowners that we should utilize collected money, to get more attention to the project, improve the landing page and get more listings and visibility.

At this moment, we collected 10 BNB on the colony contract & 3 BNT on the foundation multisig


Utilized so far raised 13 BNB for product improvements and increasing project visibility:

  1. Rebuild landing page
  2. Generate initial traffic from listings or YouTube influencers

Reporting period

The team aim to report achieved results within 30 days after the funds are released


Feel free to drop a question, suggestion, or kickstart another discussion below this post.

Please give your vote

  • Approve proposal
  • Reject proposal

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I just landed today here. Haven’t buy the land yet but planning later. Does my vote count? :blush:

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Yes, for sure :wink:

The goal is to run decentralized governance since the beginning of the project )