Base station missions

Hello everyone!

In this post I’ll try to explain what is base station missions and how they work.

Firstly, what are “Base station” missions?

A: Its Coding challenge and Message decryption - first 2 missions that were released in the marscolony app.

To play both of them you will need to mint an avatar (you can learn more about avatar minting and the collection itself in this post)

Secondly, what are these missions exactly?

Coding challenge - it’s a simple idle mission where you just need to start the mission, wait till the timer expires and collect your rewards.

Small fact: By pressing on the screen or clicking the keyboard during the mission you will get typed our game manager smart contract on the mission screen.

Decrypt mission (or message decryption) - In this mission you will need to find and guess a word on the screen full of letters. To do so you will need to hover the mouse over this letters and find words, you will have 4 attempts to guess the right word and each time you chose wrong word you’ll get clues how many letters in this word are standing on the same spots as in the correct word. (To learn more about decrypt mission you can visit this page)

Thirdly, mission limits.

Each avatar (no matter what rarity or level) can pass 4 base station missions a day in any order.
(e.g. 2 coding + 2 decrypt, 0 coding + 4 decrypt, 3 coding + 1 decrypt)

But most important is lands missions limits because missions can be passed only when they are available on lands (no matter yours or someone else’s)

Each land base station mission’s amount depends on facilities built and it’s levels:

Base station built = 1 mission / day
Base station + Power plant lvl 1 built = 2 missions / day
Base station + Power plant lvl 2 built = 3 missions / day
Base station + Power plant lvl 3 built = 4 missions / day

And finally, the rewards.

For each missions passed user get:

  1. Avatar XP based on the current level and mission difficulty (e.g. for passing Decrypt mission avatar will get more XP than for Coding mission)

  2. CLNY token rewards based on revenue share that landlord have set on the land on which you’re passing the mission. Base reward is 1.6 pCLNY.
    (e.g. if revenue share is 50% then landlord and avatar owner will get 0.8 pCLNY each, learn more about revenue share you can in this post)

  3. Utility crates - these are NFT lootboxes which can be unlocked to obtain gear for mining mission (which will be released a bit later, learn more about Utility crates and Mining mission gear you can in this post)

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