[Beta Test Announcement] Beta test terms, fixing the app


We started our beta test yesterday and have already received A LOT OF questions :slight_smile:

One of common problems is that it isn’t clear whether a user is in beta test or not.


  1. everyone is in beta test, you don’t need to fill the form (it is optional and still preferred)
  2. you should do 3 things to participate in distribution of 100 NFTs on harmony mainnet (after following launch)

The first thing: buy 3 land plots
The second: buy 3 ehnancements. To do this you can claim 100 testnet CLNY tokens
Tht third thing: claim CLNY token from your land.


To make you sure you are done with these things we have just updated our testnet app - you can see an expandable panel in the bottom left corner now.

Just see screenshots:

Panel should be updated immediately after you finish three tasks, but if you are not sure, you can refresh the app.

So pls, recheck your progrees and stay tuned :slight_smile:

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Maybe it’s just me, but the screen is blank after this update. The screen is white where Mars should be.

It is really strange :frowning:
The update didn’t change the component with Mars

So far so good on my side. App showing “Beta test passed!” message. Oh bought 11 lands. Will try to earn some CLNY on this test and see if i can get enough to build another Base Station :slight_smile:


On IOS metamask browser, claiming CLNY does not work. The Confirm button is grayed out. It was working on the first day of the testnet app but looks like it stopped after the app u[date. Also claiming showing the same issue. Didn’t checked it on the first day of the testnet launch though.