Chaos — Weekly Update 9.5.22

Before the beginning of great brilliance, there must be chaos.

— The fortune in the cookie that came with my orange chicken.

I’m mad at you.

Not at all of you, and not at anyone specific.

But Woolly texted me today, saying he felt stressed and rushed making something cool for you guys, and said he’s (and I quote),

“hoping with this sneak peak, the community notice that we are still here with them and won’t stop crafting new assets to expand our harmony world, ( even on this shitty bear market :P:P )”

I’m always stressed, so me being stressed today is fine. But Woolly is the sweetest, most passionate artist I’ve met (Marx is sweet but he’s sour too<3), and I’m pissed that you’ve gone and worried him with all your panicking.

But, also, I get it.

I couldn’t be mad. This is a stressful time. Especially if it’s your first bear market, or first time theoretically losing so much (you haven’t actually lost until you sell), it’s going to be scary. I can’t imagine how Minty hasn’t been crushed by the weight of his/her first bear market, so I want to commend their resilience here in this update.

But you know why I preach at you in every weekly update?

Exactly for this reason.

If you believe in the mission we’re all gathered around here, you’ve got to cling to it.

People tweet at me about how “we don’t need stories, we need features”.


Absolute bullshit.

In his Narrative Paradigm, Walter Fisher (PhD communication theorist, and absolute legend) contended that humans aren’t in fact homo sapiens (“creature of wisdom”), but in fact homo narrans (“creature of story”).

What he meant is that everything is narrative, and you live in your own world guided by its own foundational mythos, a la Joseph Campbell.

If you live your life completely unaware of what story you’re living, then you aren’t the one guiding that story, and you’re missing the entire point of what it is to be human.

Your life as a human is a chance to tell a story, to create a world.

When you join with a few others, get close, and begin to share a story, your world grows.

Why do I bring all this up?

Because it’s the ONLY thing that will get us through this bear market.

What story are we telling here?

We’re building a new society together. I say it every damn day because it’s the foundation and the pinnacle of this entire project. We’re demonstrating to the world that web3 can be human. It can be fun. It can be useful.

It isn’t just a tool to farm useless yield or shuffle money around in the hopes that you’re one of the few that get rich.

Now, we’re delivering on the features, too.

While some of you were busy panicking about the Polygon launch (which changes literally zero about our development focus), Woolly was sweating about his designs of the new NFT loot boxes we’re about to add to missions as a reward:

And this is just one of three crate designs.

Both explorers who complete missions, and the architects whose plots those missions were completed on will have a small chance of receiving these crates soon, which can be opened later with with 10 CLNY once the in-game marketplace is up and running.

On top of that, we were designing the new avatar stats and skills flow, which you can see here:

These are drafts subject to change, but I figured I could show you, hopefully so you’re a little more encouraged in these bummer-ass times.

And, of course, we’ve got a bunch of other things coming soon (both during and after the Polygon launch), like purchasing XP, renaming avatars, moving plot buildings, etc, all of which are small burn mechanisms. Then the DEX (which has been live in testnet for a while) and Marketplace are the next big priorities.

Even with these things coming, it won’t be enough. It will never be enough. We’ll always have more to build, and it will always take time (though hopefully we can speed that up with a successful Polygon launch).

So, it’s important to hold fast to our shared mission.

Decide what you’re here for, and if you believe in making a better world, cling fast to those ideals.

I’ve had eight colonists DM me in the last three days, encouraging me and saying they’re here and they get it. I’ve had four more DM me with the text equivalent of wide-eyed awe, saying, “Holy shit, this is massive, it all just clicked.” People are starting to get it.

I appreciate you all. I hope you know that its you keeping this Colony alive, and I hope you feel good about that.

If you’re here, reading this, then you’re a part of this movement. It’s up to you to make it what you want it to be.

So trust the process, and take part in it. When it gets hard, when you meet resistance, that’s how you know what you’re up to is worth something.

When people come at you, asking you to resign, you know you’ve struck a nerve.

I know I have lots of progress to make. And I’m grateful to those of you keeping me accountable with constructive criticism, and to those of you offering encouragement. That’s exactly what we should be for each other here.

If you’re worried, say it. Don’t freak out, but explore it. If someone else is worried, don’t do what I did today and let it stress you out, so you lash out.

We’re all walking [forward] in this project together.

If that sounds like fluffy bullshit, think about it for a while.

It’s like my weirdly-prescient fortune cookie said, before the beginning of brilliance, there must be chaos.

This universe is a continuous cycle of order, disorder, and reorder, on every level, from the Big Bang to the latest bear market.

Don’t fight it.

When you try to fight it, you’re trying to fight the universe.

Good luck.

Instead, let it be what it is. It’s a shitty time, the best time to start gathering those pieces to prepare for the great Reordering.

This Colony framework is cyclical, too.

Are you getting off here,

or are you joining us for the next round?


(Sorry Bobbie, maybe I’ll put this part at the top like you asked next time.)


:white_check_mark: — We’re building and designing NFT loot crates as the next stage of mission rewards, and both avis and landowners will have a chance to receive them with each mission (though be warned, they’re rare).

:white_check_mark: — We’ve also started planning how resources and crafting will work, which will allow us to spec out development requirements soon.

:white_check_mark: — We’re nearly finished with the UI flow for avatar skills and stats, which will then be ready for backend development.

:white_check_mark: — We’re launching the Polygon allowlist Martian-only plot mint in like a day and a half (May 12 at 10am ET, at a starting price of 210 MATIC). Details here.

:white_check_mark: — We’re building multiple small burn mechanisms, like buying XP, renaming avatars, and reorganizing plots. Bigger burns are also in development, but TBA.

:white_check_mark: — We launched missions in beta and squashed a bunch of bugs that got inside somehow.

:white_check_mark: — We’re finishing up the new and improved UI for liquidity mining in the DEX.

:white_check_mark: — We’re researching and planning what it will take to build the in-game marketplace, which is the gateway for multiple planned features.

:white_check_mark: — We are continuing all development throughout the Polygon process as normal.


:white_check_mark: — We had an AMA, and are having another one in the morning at 11am ET, and one at 9am ET on the 12th! It’s AMAs out the wazoo.

:white_check_mark: — You fought your own fear, and helped assuage that of others and combat disingenuous trouble-making (though it’s hard to know what was genuine because we were all just stressed and so a bit more touchy than usual). I commend you.

:white_check_mark: — UST depegged, y’all see that shit? Rip in piece Do Kwon, you were a real one.

:white_check_mark: — Pixi is setting Fridays as a weekly or bi-weekly hangout, where we’ll all stream a movie or documentary together and chill/chat! The first one is proposed for 7pm UTC Friday, but we can have rotating times for people to make alternating ones.

:white_check_mark: — We gave away 3 cadets on Twitter.

:white_check_mark: — I made this Colony at a glance post linking to the main informational resources for MC and finished with a description of the core team, funding, and partnerships, which you can link newcomers to.

:white_check_mark: — Marx showed you the evolution of the SeX with a rad soundtrack that’s probably a violation of copyright law.

And probably more, but it’s 3am ET and I’m ready to sleep, and you were all here for it anyway. I’ll see you all for the next one <3

Forward :v:

— brother

Oh, and, don’t forget to vote:

(I even made it anonymous so I can’t get mad at you if you say yes)

Should I resign?
  • Yes
  • lol wtf no

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Designers are doing awesome job so far. Do not be scared of a bear, just keep on doing your thing, because you rock!
New avatar stats and skills flow looks amazing! Can we redesign the app to have everything look more like this? For example the landing page would look sick with this theme.

Can’t wait to round up the initial development, and start surviving in a DAO manner.

It’s a shame that at the moment I won’t be applying for the Polygon allowlist, but I’m looking forward to make a footsteps on the new planet also.

Btw. try creating events on Discord for every event you are planning. Honestly it’s not easy to follow and remember all events, especially with this time zones in play(hopefully they do not exist on Mars and other planets). This way it would be much easier: one can open Discord and see all the planned events in its timezone, and even get reminders. And it’s all in one place which makes a huge difference.

Forward :v:t2:


Thoroughly appreciate your posts, as usual.(Although with kids and work and life, I can’t always read them as soon as I would like due to life, kids, etc. So I appreciate the TLDR so I can get the quick “meat” until I can read thoroughly)

Love the emphasis on continuing to add stories and narrative. It may be less important for those that are strictly financial investment seeking, but I’m excited to see how the narrative shapes even further my investment into the project and the colonization.

I’m bumbed I might have to miss out on a polygon plot, but I’m estatic for all the updates you mentioned!

Thanks again for your commitment to these updates.

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Don’t remind us of the UST depeg, that’s really scary stuff :sob: The bear market is very much acceptable compared to it.

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Since i can never seem to vote I vote YES. This project needs actually leadership and someone that knows how to run a business and deliver on promises. MATIC users beware. You will get rektd.

These stupid projects think they can keep taking your money by trickling out screenshots of jpegs. So dumb.


Fuck yeah…!
I love your preaching. Balance is a big deal and you put it on perfectly here.
I’m in since I got in, who isn’t worry? But there a different between good worries(concerns)and the negative ones.
Thanks again :clap:t3::clap:t3::green_heart::green_heart::pray:t3::gem::rocket:

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Wtf? Mad because of the bear market?

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You should definitely resign, because the project is being clearly mismanaged by you:

  • Focus on multi-chain when you haven’t even finished launching the basics on the harmony blockchain.
  • “While some of you were busy panicking about the Polygon launch (which changes literally zero about our development focus)” → unbelievable that you would mislead the community so blatantly. It will cost dev resources to launch features and maintain this on another chain. I see the polygon launch as nothing but a blatant cash grab, because if you really needed the money you would use the treasury and harmony funding.
  • Since this is supposed to be a community-led project, why doesn’t the community have any say in the economics (e.g. use $CLNY for minting polygon avatars instead of $MATIC), or even the decision on whether we should launch on polygon at all? Why don’t we have a vote on this?
  • The first mission release is just extremely poorly designed. Do you seriously think it’s enjoyable to mash your keyboard for X minutes to get an XP reward for your avatars? And you can’t even claim the XP rewards if you “accidentally” navigate to a different page, or come back to it later. In short, there is no vision nor clarity regarding this mission release, and one shouldn’t have to sift through hours of discord shit-posts to figure out peculiarities of this release (such as mashing keys has 0 effect on the mission progress).
  • Building so much hype regarding the avatars mint release, and then blindsiding the community with this atrocious write-up: Weekly Update 21.3.22 — Avatars, Revenue Sharing.
  • Your constant speculation on the price action of $CLNY, especially before the avatars mint release. Completely unacceptable.
  • Dex release being hyped since months now, and it’s nowhere close to being launched. Build something that’s ready to be release, and then build hype. Not the other way around
  • Your write-ups are extremely boring, and most of us aren’t interesting in sifting thru walls of texts to figure out what has changed in the project.
  • Even after given all of the above, there is absolutely no accountability from you for your mess-ups. I’d rather see someone humble and honest lead this project, because you have done more to harm this project (which has gone downhill) since you joined.

The future of MarsColony looks extremely bleak. Contrary to your belief, price action does reflect the sentiment of the community, and not just the whales.


I bought 12 Bitcoin at $80 and bought a PC with it at the time thinking I had better use it while it’s up or I’m going to lose it.

I’m constantly reminded that if I would have just held on instead of worrying about it disappearing I would have had close to half a mil today.

Bear markets suck but unless I have something in life that happens and is needed. I won’t be doing something as stupid as I did back then and panic selling.

Everything that’s new takes time to mature and don’t spend what you can’t afford to lose.

Also good job team!


I wish there was a way to downvote something. Especially a comment full of misinformation.

-Their focus has been Mars Colony which includes multi chain whether you like it or not. It’s been known for months now.
-There is nothing misleading about their development focus. Core team is here building. Why would you rather them touch the treasury than expand the game and development with fresh money? Seriously? That’s asinine.
-Community just had a major vote and it slowed down development. Seems to be no winning with someone like you. If we had a vote on multi chain you 100% wouldn’t like the outcome of that vote. Lol.
-“The First Mission release” are you even staying up to date enough on the project to be speaking how you are? It’s a test mission for backend development of what’s coming. To sort out bugs as more is being built. Things to improve upon obviously. Unless. In your perfect life it seems you get everything right on the first hit! Lol.
-Avatar hype was wild and they sold out in under 20 minutes. Maybe that’s too fast huh. Too much excitement.
-Developers shouldn’t be worried about day to day price movement? What kind of projects have you been apart of. It’s peoples greed that seems to be the downfall of many things in business. You’re upset about a team worried about building an awesome product moreso than price during a economic correction. Lol. Come on. Too easy.
-As far as I know, DEX is done and being touched up and they’re waiting on another team to get done auditing. If they took the time to build something ready to release before building hype and excitement you’d still find a way to complain about the team taking too long.
-His write ups are actually pretty good and I find his intellect attractive for the project. Please do not ever, ever speak for others during your misinformed rant. That is nothing but an opinion. Most of us actually do enjoy the weekly updates…thanks though bud.
-Jeus is not leading the project. There is a team standing with him. He is the day to day pulse on community. Your blatant annoyance and unhappiness pours through your words. He does have accountability and the team has done well given their circumstances. Other projects have been working in development for over a year now and they’re just now getting to the demo stages……but here you are complaining about 5 months.

To finish this off. The future of Mars Colony actually looks very good. Contrary to your belief, price action does absolutely not reflect the sentiment of the community. I’ve never read such a silly comment when it comes to investing. Following that logic Amazon should have died during the internet bubble in the early 2000s. More use cases and development will provide more price stability and utility. Marketing hasn’t even started. As it stands on NFT Key plots within the Harmony Network have generated over 8.5 million dollars. That’s for a project 5 months in. Money has been made. But for some it doesn’t seem to sate their anguish to which you exemplified greatly. You need more substance in your points. Because they’re easily countered.


Couldn’t agree more dude, well worded and informed reply!

As for Jeus and the team, keep it up all of you! 98% of the community has your backs and we can’t wait to be part of what you’re building here!



Brother … change will always come when the status quo is challenged … I LOVE THAT YOU DO !!! Glad to be part of it ! We have started 7 companies in 5 years all running still !! LETS ROLL!!! for you my brother :
One of my favorite quotes … i literally had it printed on the wall in my offices to inspire our team members to think OUTSIDE the box!!! LETS DO WHATS NEVER BEEN DONE !!!
“Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

-Steve Jobs

7Danos of Danomars

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Spot on. This is what the majority of land owners feel. Cross-Chain needs to be voted on period.

Thanks for the weekly update, great read. Agree with most of it, especially story telling - its essential when trying to gain people’s attention.

Personally would like to hear on the next AMA, the thinking behind why MATIC launch now over developing harmony into a better working product for the early investors, building further hype, and getting people hungry for a matic chain.

I ask this question because I’m struggling to understand the direct benefits of doing this now. I’m sure there are benefits, especially long-term to where this project is going and perhaps im missing the obvious ones so would really benefit in knowing this.
From my perspective, the negatives of this i can see right now are:
a) Announcing this has tanked the harmony chain economy further as there’s been an influx of selling off land & CLNY. Believers in this project, like I, (with only two pieces of land) have actually paid out of their own pocket to ensure their land is upgraded to the highest level to attract avatars from across the globe and play together and build the communities you are advocating for. However I was hoping to recoup some of those ‘investments’ via Earn-to-play. The lack of focus on fleshing out gameplay and burn mechanics and instead building another world where GameFi will be launched at the same time has now left Harmony ONE somewhat screwed.

b) As there is no gameplay, there are few burn mechanisms which is deflating the value of CLNY. Every day, anywhere between 21,000 to 294,000 CLNY is minted with no utility in sight. It’s being traded and sold and crashing the value of CLNY. Meanwhile all efforts have been focused on building the foundations for MATIC launch and neglecting Harmony, creating this issue - why? Presumably for the plaudits of being able to claim Multi-chain? Focus should be on introducing utility of CLNY so that it doesn’t turn into Germany’s 1923 Reichsmarks, defeating the whole point of a Play-to-Earn game.

c) We don’t yet have a large enough demand in users to warrant another chain. How Proof of concepts work, is you build something fantastic and exciting and the early adopters who recognised the value benefit through supply and demand. 21,000 Plots, 21,000 Avatars. If there was a long queue of people wanting to jump on board here, you’d see significant price increases, and you’d struggle to find an avatar on sale, because everyone who missed the land-grab would want an Avi, and people would be willing to part with $20 to own one. Plots are selling on NFT Key for lower now than when I bought in January 5th. Why? Because there’s no reason to buy in as of yet. No timeline for when we can start playing. Humans are fickle beings, they want to see something tangible, salivate, buy into the concept and pay any amount now in recognition for the future gain and to be a part of something truly great. Nail Harmony, get people playing and talking about this, introduce mechanisms to burn this huge backlog of CLNY that everyone has sold off and soon you’ll have a queue of people wishing they were here back in January. Once prices start to rise, you then decide to expand chains, allowing everyone who missed the opportunity to get involved. Rip and repeat.

d) CLNY, the currency of Mars Colony for a Play-to-Earn game is currently sitting at $0.09 at time of writing. People have been hugely excited about this, probably invested with their hearts over their minds on this because of it’s true potential and we’re waiting for an awesome game to play which may well change the future of Play-to-Earn games. We haven’t got a finished product, we’ve got a crashed CLNY market with ever-dropping value and no utility on the coin and the developers think it makes sense to introduce a whole new world adding a further market supply of $144 million on MATIC, and ofcourse not allowing your early-adopters to use CLNY to get off this sinking ship and onto this new MATIC world which would help burn a huge amount of CLNY for Harmony chain and help to restore balance.

Everyone here knows the idea behind this project is awesome. I don’t know how many people I’ve told about this, it it unique in so many ways and I think, if this is done correctly, you have the opportunity to do something incredible here, and be truly proud of, but I don’t quite understand some of the decision-making at this point so if there is something i’m missing please enlighten me here, because it’s starting to feel like the brakes have been placed on Harmony, in favour of MATIC, without any consideration for where that leaves the economy and instead of focusing efforts on recovering the Harmony chain, you’ve gone full-steam ahead launching MATIC during a bear market in the hope of expanding users with nothing tangible to go off, which has crashed Harmony further. I think acknowledging the problem on your hands, and addressing how you’re going to fix Harmony might stop the haemorrhaging. You guys have worked tirelessly the last several months and built a hungry (and sometimes angry) community from a beautiful idea. None of us want this to go to waste.


Hey man! Nice write up and a good read, you come across as the guy that gives constructive criticism (good) instead of just trolling and bashing (bad) which is refreshing!
I feel bad my reply is going to be as short as it is after the effort you put in yours but the reality is these things have been answered before and there is even a forum post explaining it! linked here…

We’ve also already held 2 AMAs now on this subject which have been announced on the MC twitter account, the latest one has been recorded so you will be able to listen to that one in your own time when its ready to be put out!

I’m not sure where this idea comes from that launching on MATIC effects development on our harmony chain (it doesn’t) and only good can come from going cross chain to MATIC. In simple terms, if we have a good launch on MATIC then development speeds up a great deal (more funds for a bigger team). If MATIC launch doesn’t go as planned then we continue development at this pace we are now. There is no negative to this. Bizdev is dealing with the launch cross chain not the dev team working on Harmony so there is no time lost apart from maybe 1 hour just before cross chain is launched (direct quote from team).

I appreciate the effort and passion you are putting into helping the project though and this will be needed going forward! Glad to have you onboard fellow Martian!