Community Suggested MC Improvements/Ideas

Over time old ideas reemerge and new ideas develop so a place to put together a repository of ideas as a reference to current and new settlers is needed.

Below is a working list of ideas, concepts, improvements to be considered for future implementation. I cannot access the old MC Roadmap so this list may not capture any gems that were previously found there. Also of note this list is not directly related with the MC Team but hope they will swipe some of these details in the future :wink:

If you have an idea suggest it and I will edit this document to include it. This will grow over time :muscle:

  • Premium fuel for use in Cryo chambers - Increased XP gain/Increased percent chance to crates (both stats less than standard missions but more than current cryo fuel rod provides)

  • Meteor Showers/Worms damage buildings - Planned event (monthly/weekly/other) where buildings need to be moved to avoid damage. If not moved building is damaged and requires repair for full capability CLNY Generation/Missions.

  • Sort avatars within App - Having lots of avatars can hard to sort via perceived importance or usage. Suggest the following features:
    1. Manual sort and place
    2. Sort via rarity
    3. Sort via profession

Other (requires more detail): - Breeding

  • Rent out land
  • Rent out avatars
  • Spaceport
  • ORE
  • Add moons Phobos & Diemos
  • Purchase NFT Gear (ie glasses, mask, attachments, suit)
  • Improve game lore (but how?)
  • Remove avatar from Cryo early

Adding here @andi’s feedback to not lose it:
“But basically the idea is that each civilization or planet should have a bare bones project. For now that could be buying land. Next phases would decide the lvl of planet evolution. People from planet can evolve by “buying” the unlocking of avatars and missions it some creative way. Let’s say that you need to donate money for the avatar statue that will be shown on planet and it would be a representation of unlocked avis and missions. And so on and on…”


A possibility to take your avatar out of the Fuel Rod. Please

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