Cross-chain utility for CLNY(and equivalent token) across different Marscolonies

I was thinking the CLNY/token of each Mars chain can be used as a sort of fuel on other chains’ Mars.

For instance, maticmars plots can function fine without any harmony clny at all, but if you deposit and stake a certain amount of harmony clny into say a “dimensional refinery” on maticmars, in return, you get bonuses to your plot/AVIs.

Also, if going with the multiverse theme, it would be pretty cool if the CLNY of each chain does something different when staked in dimensional refineries of other chains.

For example, when staked on other chains (no effect on native chain), some possible effects can be:

Harmony clny → increases land productivity and overall resource generation

Matic clny → increases luck of minting (higher % to get rare drops when minting)

Avax clny → increases combat efficiency of AVIs

Bsc clny → reduces mission cool down time


All of which scale with the amount staked.

@father @eugenefinch


I think this is brilliant having dimensional refinery pools that also provide ingame boosters