Discussion: Mars Colony Cross-Chain Plans

There has been some ongoing discussion on the Mars Colony cross-chain plans, as it was mentioned in the the latest Info Drop post. Here’s the quote of it:

This forum post will be used to facilitate conversation on this topic, and it will give us a space to focus our ongoing discussion on the topic, capture informal sentiment on the topic, and act as a form of record-keeping for the community and team.

I will try my best to summarize (once a day) all of the unique key bullet points in opposition or support of the topic if they are voiced in this post.

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Questions for the Team (Will be added to as people share)

Great post! One clarification, it could be earlier than 2 months, but I doubt it. I said 2 months is a likely minimum, only because one can never be certain.


I’m opposed but open to change
waiting for the detailed plan, then maybe I’ll change my opinion

most projects going multichain gone rekt because they don’t have a solid plan or product

just saying,


Thanks for sharing, @orracion6 ! I added your concern/hesitation to the post. It’s definitely a valid one. Do you have any examples of projects that have gone cross-chain and got rekt? I’ll add them to the post. They could be good case studies to learn from and their experiences could advise on how to better execute a Mars Colony cross-chain plan.

At least do it in harmony first ,Considering multiple chains
Otherwise, you won’t be able to do anything in the end.


Couple Questions: Neutral at the moment

Is all the base code for the project easily transferable? Meaning little additional development required in order to maintain code for two or more separate chains?

I know much of the details are still in development, but is there a plan to build a bridge first before going cross chain? NOTE: I’m tired of looking for efficient ways of bridging assets between chains.

I hate high transactions fees for conducing simple transactions. Are the chains in consideration of equal stature to what Harmony costs? I don’t know, but worth asking the question. Tranquil moved their expansion to CRONOS network and its very expensive to transact there and I have no interest in paying gas fees of >$1 to do simple transactions. I’m not familiar with Polygon, but will research this when I get time.

These are my initial thoughts on questions. I’m sure as time passes, I will think of more.

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the closest one would be viper, with their cobra token
I know it is an entire diff kind of project but ykwim

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Mars colony is still very much in it’s infancy stage. There is nothing to be played yet. At this stage, crosschain will be a bit too soon. the key to success to everything is tunnel vision and focus. by spreading the dev resources between multiple chains, you lose this very important factor. which is the thing you need to make sure mars colony can become bigger and more successfull. I am fully in favor of multichain after mars colony have grown into a multi hundred million or billion market cap project


Expanding to other chains will be a natural progression down the road but executing it too soon can be a dangerous double edged sword that could cut both projects and bleed them significantly.
First of all, without a fully working project on Harmony it will seem like just a quick and easy money and time grab from the team. They got a pretty big investment from the official Harmony team and it would be very weird in my eyes to turn on them so quickly and invest time and resources into other chains.
Secondly, it needs to be planed very well, as I said only after you have good working project on Harmony (that includes dex with a lot of liquidity, avatars with missions and possibly even pvp play that would serve as the next big step…). It would look really cheap if it were to be the same planet on Polygon with the same mechanics and just a different token.
Also you would need some incentives to convince the og investors that this is a good idea, but on the other hand that also shouldn’t be too big as it would be a turn off for the new investors that want to start fresh with a new project.

All in all, cross-chain could be a good thing, but not too soon, without an established, fully working product and dedicated community that will support it, otherwise it is bound to fail and hurt everyone in the process.