Emissions adjustments

I propose that we move the adjustable portion of the emissions to this the base station is 100% kept by the land owner The emissions for the current three - transport, robot, and power go to a 50 to the land owner and the ability to share the remaining up to the 50% with AVI who runs the transport, robot, or power. (for discussion is the the share could be 25 automatically and then up to 50%). This 50% is the “lease to work the land” The AVI now picks up a minimum of 25% and with demand up to half of the emissions Ores would be shared but Crates would stay with the AVI
To be clear the current no missions run / no emissions would be in place for the AVI portion ONLY meaning if no AVI is running the mission ONLY the 50% to the land owner is emitted.


Seems well balanced for all parties involved while emission is being reduced significantly.

We also need to create incentive for Plot owners to max level ups. This could create more $CLNY demand and/or less sell pressure.


Yes, that’s an excellent solution.


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I support this proposal. How do we bring it to a vote in snapshot?

Anyone can do it. Just connect your wallet which has at least one MC land on Harmony and create a proposal

Hi @7Danos and I appreciate for coming up with the plan
Referring to Harmony tokenomics you are proposing to keep up to 8 CLNY as landlords passive income and allocate up to 6 CLNY tokens on missions which will be further split between avatar and
landlord. In case rev share is set as 50/50, avatar will receive 3 CLNY tokens max and the landlord will grab 11 CLNY tokens in total.
Assuming landlord wants to sell 50% of all tokens he receives, that’s 5.5 CLNY tokens selling pressure per land plot per day. It needs to be offset against the demand for CLNY, which means someone needs to be buying it on a constant basis.

Personally, I think that such distribution is not sustainable in a long term. But I let you guys decide. For Harmony, we can make an exception and let community decide on that, given that play-to-earn mechanics haven’t been introduced early during land mint process.

What I personally propose here, is to wait until we install Grafana stats to better monitor emissions/burn. @MEMOLOGICAL_EXPEDITI and his team will do it, hopefully shortly. That will give us better insights into numbers.

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+1 to Grafana stats

There is a lot to consider with the effect of emissions and I feel most of us are flying blind with regard to what % makes sense. More data never hurt and would probably help educate us before a proper decision could be made.

Agree completely with this Grafana stats suggestion :v:


no that is not correct … .Split the three upgrades power, transport and robot 50/50
2 for the base and the remaining 12 split 50/50 ! @eugenefinch @MEMOLOGICAL_EXPEDITI so max for the land owner is 8 unless they run AVIs !! does this make it more clear ? this should start the upgrading to max again as well

this was a second option that was brought up by others

then the option was to ALLOW it to be set to 25% to a max of 50% but i agree this not optimal … the best i think is the 50/50 outs side of the base station

the sell pressure comes more from no actual use of the token !

50/50 sounds easier to calculate.
With that logic, we can have max passive emissions - 7 hCLNY.
Then remaining 7 CLNY will go to mission rewards (play component), then further replaced with ORE token.
(Previous community proposal - Official Proposal — Ore token, profession-specific rewards)
ORE token can be refined for small fee in CLNY into minerals and used for building facilities in further Epochs (next gen buildings)
Demand for ORE token will create a market for ORE-CLNY, where landowners will be willing to buy ORE for CLNY and AVIS will be able to sell the latter to landowner, matching supply and demand.
Here I would love to explore idea of limiting landowner’s share in mission rewards (e.g. capping it to maximum 25% of mission rewards). The less of ORE landowner receives, the higher the demand for ORE.

Sharing my personal thoughts here. Not set in stone plan.

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Also, just to clarify on current situation.

After we launch mining missions (hopefully this month), Passive emissions will still be 6 hCLNY /day while active (can be earned from missions only) will remain 8 hCLNY/day. With that being said, even if we don’t do anything, passive emissions will still be 42% (for fully upgraded land plot).