[Game Idea] Create some kind of exploration on Mars

Hello there,

I think the community have the same dream, it’s to colonize another planet and humanity become an interplanetary species. I don’t agree with the idea to do alliance or something like that because we could break the cooperation between the community. Indeed, if we create alliance, we create competition in the community and i think it’s a bad idea. So a better idea would be to create some kind of exploration work, more cooperative than alliance, to discover another species ?? Or something like this. We can call this “singularity” and each will be an NFT. Everybody can cooperate with Martians, to do jobs and explore the surface, and if a singularity is discovered, everybody will have the NFT.

Don’t know how to implement this in game, but i think, it will be huge.

If you have any suggestions with this idea, please comment and i will answer with pleasure.

PS : Sorry for my English, I try my best x)


Hi, I love the idea of explorations. I think it’s fantastic to explore the another planet or universe. Maybe to do this we would need to build some advanced stuff on land, to get some special exploration badges by building spaceships. But for this to work I would argue that having alliance would be much more easier and much more fun to do. Alliances could compete who is going to the Saturn first, who mints most of the land or resources. Alliances doesn’t need to fight between themselves. It is a possibility to fight, but this doesn’t need to happen. Working together in the alliance could be much more fun than chasing the explorations alone.


Hello Andi,

Yeah, if the alliance are built in this way, why not.
But I see many people ask for fighting and I’m afraid this will destroy our community with too much competition.
If the goal of alliance is to build some ship but not to destroy our new home, I agree. Maybe buildings on land like spacecontrol or sensorship with huge amount of resources to be built is a good goal to achieve. And the ship will be sent in exploration event organized by dev. It will be amazing.


I like this. I was thinking about the same this days. You can have “Explorers” like heros or something like that and you can send them to random regions to find new things. And you can upgrade or make them gain XP points so they can reach farther places.

Yeah that’s a great idea! And we can make tools with resources like sensors, etc to find some rare minerals or you can make unexpected meeting with species. We can make laboratory to research about this “singularity”, and discover some advantage to adapt to Mars or planet where we are.

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Like the idea of peaceful exploration a lot and thanks for your thoughts @Sky y. Wondering what kind of development will be preferred by most of the community - having clans/competitions/wars, or just peaceful exploration and prosperity of the colony?

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Hello Eugenefinch,

Thank you for your message, I wish the community some peaceful competition too. And i think it’s most valuable to make like Storyline with exploration. We can imagine like “Season” who tell us a story with exploration event, i want this game make us dream. Each NFT will have a story and each player could tell this to his friends and attract more users. We can make alliance, but not for war, maybe alliance with different way to explore ? Like a “Mineral alliance” who explore the surface and basement of the planet ? A Space Alliance who explore moon and atmosphere of the planet ? A Species alliance who wants to discover new species and do research on them ? It will be amazing in my opinion.

That’s a wonderful idea, the concept and exploration could bring a lot of gamification to the project!


Hello Digitakt,

Thank you and yes I think it’s unusual but an amazing way to bring value and gamification to this game

that’s an amazing idea. make an alliance to explore the planet. I think can also make nft to mine on the land. it’s for those who don’t have a chance to get an land. hopefully with it will also attract new investors to further develop the community. With equipment that can be upgraded (where each upgrade will burn tokens) it’s definitely interesting.

Yes I think it’s more interesting than simply alliance for war :joy:

Thank you for this idea! My two hands for it!
Cooperation is the key!

Hello iTowerONE,

:joy: Happy to see many of us agree with this. But I think someone can help with building this, I don’t have the knowledge to propose how we can implement this in game, i just can share my point of view.
So if someone see this, agree with this, feel free to propose an economic and technical view of this and we will discuss all together. I saw that my proposal is in the top in the roadmap features requests but we can do some job and take advance to help the team with the skill of the community.

Thank for the help and support.

I was thinking about creating some kind of Neutral Objects on Mars Map, like Exploring stations (Radars) or maybe SpaceShip Docks. These Objects could be assigned (unite) specific areas of plots. So, owners of plots, could Forfeit (burn) their CLNY to empower these stations and in return they would increase Rarity Rank for Plots in Station area and may be some boost for CLNY minting as well % wise. So, it would be colobarative work of plots owners to upgrade their Stations to get these bonuses in return.
And any one could check Such Station LVL (amount of contributed CLNY by wallet address) maybe… So it will be able to track and see who is collabarating and who is not …

Just throwing ideas :slight_smile:

I like the idea, but it will be advantage some users randomly, with the generation of these Neutral Object on plot. Or everybody will have their neutral object on their plots ? I was thinking like “Special Event” where LandLord can locked CLNY to represent the resources used by the project and where everybody can use Martians to work for this Project. If the project is succesfull, everybody can claim a reward in function of his contribution to the project. We can imagine later in the game, Heavy project like Orbital Station to go far beyond the Solar System, where rare resources ( Titanium, Silicium, or somethnig like that) will be used to achieve the project. Martians will be able to mine this resources and Landlords delegate their plots to allow new users to be part of the project. We can even imagine turnaround during the Event like " Oh No, The Orbital Station was attacked by Separatist, we need more resources Martians !" Or something like that. What do yout hink about this ?

Thank you for sharing your idea ^^

I thought about Unity of plots in region for example 1000 x 1000 plots, that are assigned this special Neutral object. And every Landlord of this particular area can interact with this Neutral object by forfeiting CLNY. More Landlords contribute burn their plots CLNY to this Neutral Object (that corresponds to his appropriate plots, if he have several plots on different Mars parts, he will be in different areas of different Neutral ojects ) more bonuses they have as region.

Aaaaah I see. We can imagine like a particular mineral object as a neutral object and Landlord can locked CLNY for research on this object which can reward in NFT or resources. Martians can be used to search or mine this object for reward too.