[Game Idea] Randomized events to affect plots

Had an idea that I think should be fairly simple to implement and could make for interesting gameplay specifically for this type of game.

Essentially, it would be a “randomized plot picking” mechanism that can do a few different things (some of which probably makes sense after future gameplay elements are added):

  1. Say every 24 hours, 72 hours, or week, a “supply crate” is dropped onto a random plot (we could also potentially make it so that the next drop will be a certain vicinity away from a previous winner’s plot – but that’s totally optional). That supply crate may contain CLNY, any other token (like ONE), or in-game items (to be added in the future, which may or may not be NFTs). Like a randomized lottery every so often, each plot has 1 entry ticket. The prizes may be big or small; and of course can be utilized for holidays or large events as well instead of a regular cadence (24/72/168 hrs).

  2. Interesting application - it could be used akin to a “random raffle for Mars Colony holders” for any future partnership where tokens or NFTs or WL spots are given out.

  3. Same mechanism, but negative impact - occasionally an asteroid hits a plot of land, or a satellite falls and crashes into a plot of land. IDK if it is possible, but maybe effects such as: “damage a building”, “destroy a building” or “stop CLNY production for a day”, etc would be effects to consider. (Damage could be “fixed” by paying a 1-time CLNY fee)

  4. Same as #3 but with a mixed result - perhaps it causes some damage to a building or stop CLNY production, BUT it would leave behind a meteor which has precious minerals (assuming that would have a use later in the game).

As always, open to feedback below! Cheers


As an additional thought:

In general the game could benefit from a simple announcement system (viewable from the game interface).

For the announcement system: it could be like a banner message that displays near the top or bottom of the screen. It can mention things like: “A supply crate has landed on Plot #4211” or “An asteroid has struck Plot #1052” or “Plot #4444 has completed construction on a Robot Assembly/Transport/Power Plant”.

Resource/building leaderboards might also be interesting to add in the future.


I think as opposed to just airdropping free Clny, it would be interesting to implement the “mining for resources” aspect of the game and every day, certain “rare” materials show up in different lots. Use Clny to mine it (which is burned) and use the mined materials for time limited boosts (ex: stronger defense for worm attacks). Just a thought to make things more gamelike

Edit: in re-reading your post, you’re pretty much saying the same thing. My apologies

This is interesting! I like the idea.