[Game Ideas] Allow Land owners to create factions and combine land rewards and resources

I think it will be interesting to see land owners being able to clan up and create factions and share land resources to create empires, then they could rent out services as this becomes available etc.

GameFi will have massive communities, so having in game functions like this will only bring those communities closer


Thanks @TechyDox . Like your idea around alliances.

Wondering to hear out your idea on how different clans are going to cooperate? Do you see peaceful cooperation or more like competitions and potential wars/conflicts?

I think that’s where the fun is.

Will the big clan go to war with that other big clan? Will smaller ones link up to make a big alliance to take down the massive alliances?

It kinda adds a real living breathing feel to the community and discussions about what could happen next.

Then there could be the generous community that helps the smaller lands get started etc.