[Game Ideas] Further use case for upgrades

Would be interesting to further improve the use case of the land upgrades, reflecting their usage. Some examples as follows:

Base Station - is the core of the land, so in order to open the upgrade tree, it must be built, would be like the settlement.

Transport - In order to sell or buy resources or simply transfer it from/to your other lands you would need it. Further upgrades will expand the capacity and number of simultaneous transfers.

Robot assembly - Would open up more options in the tech tree and reduce the cost of further other upgrades, enabling the crafting of others buildings, like resources harvesters (mines, O2 farms, solar panels, etc), vehicles, connection pipes, etc.

Power production - no colony works without power, these plants will provide basic needs that will be used by your colony or provided to other colonies as well, for a fee/price. Further upgrading will augment the capacity/production

Implementing this, will create a ecosystem where you would need the cooperation of others to play as well, a live system will start to be built, connecting all players.


Thank you for very interesting ecosystem vision.

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Very cool ways of expanding and ordering a list of “to do’s” as a land owner and community. Gives it a progressive feeling

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