[Game Ideas] Reinvest your CLNY - Earning Multiplier

all earning numbers should be evaluated and tweaked by someone who understands the economics of the whole project - I’m trying to explain the mechanic and not propose actual numbers

I propose a mechanic that you can instead of claiming your CLNY, once per 24 hours you can reinvest it back into your plot so the next 24 hours earns at a slightly higher rate, maybe 1% (number TBD - the economics must be explored). An earning multiplier or a boost.

This mechanic would add up to a maximum of maybe 5 or 7 times for a maximum bonus of something like ~5% faster CLNY earning on that plot. As soon as you collect your CLNY it would go back to the base rate.

insert some Mars specific lore here as to why building up CLNY would increase output

This would prevent so much sell pressure since you will be incentivized to build a stack of CLNY on your plot.

This higher rate would cap at 24 hours, so you would also be incentivized to visit the site at least once per day and get more interaction with the platform. Right now you can AFK from Mars with no penalty.

I like this idea more than simply adding single sided staking because it is more of a game mechanic, and can be written into the game like your plot is charging up energy or something.


Thank you for your game mechanic!