[Game Ideas] Resource Tokens & Features

Hi guys,

I love the product you’ve all put together and am excited for the future of it. Thanks for letting us all share in that by listening to our ideas and suggestions.

There have been a lot of great ideas so far in the forums; things like districts to increase player count without sacrificing the scarcity of the 21,000 lands (user 0xCastle) to things like new graphic layouts to the Mars map to see how the planet is being terraformed and evolving in real time (user dobodobo).

I have a couple of ideas that might have been brought up in some capacity but that I’d like to highlight:

  1. Cross-chain. I’m not sure what you all have planned for this but it would be cool if launches on additional chains weren’t centered around Mars but instead other planets in the solar system. This would allow for better branding and narrative centered around gameplay in a connected solar system. Perhaps the different planets could eventually have different resources that need to be bridged in order to complete various tasks. This would drive adoption across the chains and also allow people/the game world to feel more alive and connected.

  2. Resource tokens. Perhaps various resource tokens could be minted through tasks that are enabled by various buildings that are created on a land NFT. These resources could be combined to build ships, machines, other buildings, and more. The types of materials combined to craft these things could impact the rarity or use of them. Different parts of Mars are more abundant in specific types of resources than other parts and once cross-chain planets have launched, bridging over resource tokens that are unique to a different planet will allow for unique items to be crafted.

  3. Game Features. The concept of this game being a living, breathing simulated world in the vein of a model UN or a Paradox grand strategy game such as Crusader Kings/Europa Universalis intrigues me. Allowing landowners to be governors of their colony and interact with other governors to engage in diplomacy, form nation states, trade resources, engage in war, enact laws, vote for nation leaders, and so on could create endless opportunities in a sandbox that’s ever evolving. All of these ideas could impact, positively/negatively, the types of resource tokens governors are able to mint on their own and at what rate. This would create rewards/punishments without affecting a governor’s Land NFT or CLNY.

I think it’s important to drive collaboration, engagement, and empowerment of governors (Land NFT owners) during gameplay to ensure that the players want to keep playing and new players want to join. I plan to explore these concepts in more detail in a later post, even if it’s just for me and for fun.

Thanks for the time!


Thanks for the detailed and understandable description, we will try to apply your ideas.

Hey Mike,

I agree with there have been several good ideas recently.

I hope the team will compile some of them and do a poll to see what to implement & then work with the community on specifics of each new mechanism’s design.

I agree that increasing player count is important, as is balancing it with scarcity, and I agree resource tokens are probably a good idea to implement.

Finally I also agree that having more collaboration between holders and the community in general will create a stronger community and more engagement. The network effects will show themselves in time. I think “group/world events” are a good way to start building that collaboration. Please check out some of my ideas here: