[Game Ideas] Royalty-free music from OpenGameArt

Can add some music to the game by using public domain and royalty-free assets from OpenGameArt.org

For example, here’s a list of CC0 (=public domain) music tagged “space”


Nice one @Celadon. Any specific music you would prefer to listen to as you launch the app?


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Definitely something athmospheric, light and not too intrusive with sci-fi undertones. Perhaps something with synths (love synths).

This is what I have in mind:


Some more ideas:

I like Moonlight Sonata cyberpunk version a lot:) thanks for sharing.

Already added music as proposal to our team. Can probably do voting on music tracks if we decide to implement it.


A great resource for royalty free music is AIVA - an ai music composer. They have numerous genres including Cyberpunk. Ive been using it for 4+ years. https://creators.aiva.ai/

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Make sure that all copyrights have complied.

I like Calm Ambient 2… All the other ones are way too harsh imo…

Check out some of stellaris music

lots of muscians in the community maybe pick from their music would be unique

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