[Game Ideas] Second high APY Inflationary Token for pool farming/staking

Hi, guys. I was thinking about to introduce a sencod inflationary token to farm/stake with high APY, in a way that pools or staking of CLNY have a low APY to not damage the principal token on long term. We can give some use to first token in things related to transactions and have to CLNY use for premiun uses, what do you think about that?


gass without the g :grinning:

Thank you, this is really cool, we will think about your proposal.

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Future tokens will be core to adding additional “gameplay” elements.

However, there’s no reason for it to be a high APY (and it’s better to be clear with what your baseline for “high” is – to some, 100% is high, but to others even 400% is not high).

Whatever the token, the point is not the APY. Farming/staking is a distribution mechanism. The point is what utility will this token have?

Please be more specific where a second token could fit into the existing system (what kinds of transactions should use the new token? Should it ever be used in combination with CLNY? If so, which transactions would be CLNY only, CLNY+token2, or token2 only?

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Right. I refered “high APY” in comparison with APY of CLNY. The reason is that we need to be careful about inflation of the principal token of the game. In the other hand, there is no reason for example an APR of 500% (an APY more than 10000%) and have a land with a production of 1 CLNY per day (or a little more if player improve his land), the value of CLNY will go down. For that reason and alternative token with more APY could be interesting for new investors and CLNY can have a more premium use. I don’t have and specific proporsal of how, the team could be discouss this acording the functional ideas of the game that they want to implement.

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The first token needs some utility. I wish to see the team give utility to CLNY.