[Game Ideas] Second Token Earned From Alien Infestations (Add More Utility)

Let’s add invading aliens, with turret NFTs (Bought with CLNY), and you kill them for an emission token (biowaste) that you can trade in the market for cosmetic stuff. The emission token’s purpose is only to give CLNY more utility. Maybe be paired to CLNY also.

The alien wildlife won’t do harm to land, they will be more like a wildlife you can optionally kill, how about that?

We can throw in weapon NFTs so the player can join in the carnage. Which can be bought by the biowaste or CLNY. (Maybe have premium items as CLNY?)

Hope you like this :fire:. I’m taking inspiration from No Man’s Sky.


Thank you for the awesome suggestion.

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this but with milking aliens instead of killing them :eyes:

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