[Game Ideas] Subterranean open world expansion and exploration of the unknown areas of Mars

The implications of a recent peer reviewed paper might define how future mars explorations is going to happen in the real world.
(Best Region For Life on Mars Was Far Below Surface | Rutgers University)

Life and resources will be the focus points, and both are available underground.
A subterranean exploration style game which revolves around mining resources, water and finding life. Since the surface is privatized, it will tie in to the game philosophy.

The gamified aspect can be kept story based on the lines of Final Fantasy combined with Drug Wars (1984 game) since the main theme is to tap into the ‘Unknown’ exploration hook for the players.

  1. NFT Characters for each player which can be customized and leveled up.

  2. Allow plots to have multi use cases like

  • Resource mining (Water, ores)
  • Construction and manufacture (Creating products which would be custom/user made NFTs that are modelled specifically for MarsColony)
  • Leasing/renting out plots for public use such as virtual music events, meet ups, shops, advertisement/branding, commercial/industrial entities (eg. Water mining in south pole)
  • Terra systems for farming for earth based resources
    A vibrant in-game economy will benefit from resource based mechanics.
  1. Life can be worked into both PvE and PvP. Exploration to find life can begin with a story based questing system to find microscopic life, flora-fauna instead of full blown aliens. Humans being at the center of existence in our solar system.

  2. External collaborations are awesome but limited to certain cases like

  • Setting up shop/marketplace for trade of NFTs (Imagine a small curio shop with owned NFTs on display, but the link will take you to the main marketplace website like NFTkey).
  • Once terra systems (Earth replicated systems) are active they can be used to contain out-world NFTs and be limited to only this system in-order to keep things coherent.
  1. More planets opened up corresponding to different blockchain protocols and organically growing into a space exploration game with inter-planetary dynamics with bridges and resource trading (Cross-chain NFTs are inevitable) but still mostly to deal with MarColony based/created NFTs. Again, external NFTs from other projects can be contained in controlled spaces (like terra systems) on all future planets as well.

I like this, sounds great

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If you have suggestions or ideas do add in and will collate the same!