Governance process updates

Hey Martians,

Governance process sometimes can be pretty hectic. To address current challenges, we are proposing the following process of creating and voting for proposals:

  1. Discord message
  2. Forum post
  3. Snapshot voting

Discord message
:black_small_square: Discord message made to start live discussion on topic
:black_small_square: Tag @admin so team is aware
:black_small_square: Formal post to be made on forum 24 hrs later

Formal post on
:black_small_square: Formal post to be created on forum and tag @admin
:black_small_square: Post must include main concept or idea, reason for change and supporting details
:black_small_square: Post needs to be up for 7 days before Snapshot can be initiated

:black_small_square: Snapshot can be created 7 days after forum post made
:black_small_square: To be considered a valid result, a minimum quorum of 5% is required
:black_small_square: Snapshot duration should be made for 7 days


Potential items to consider from @FitzRoy

  • Tagged person or group:
    this could be @ admin, or it could be something we haven’t yet created @ CoP

  • Quorum %: the idea is a minimum percentage just prevents the shit votes from being legitimized to the community and then responsible by the core team. If this is made public, at least people would know there is a standard for acceptance and not like the current free for all. We could also specify something like 2.5% for non-tangible items like this discussion, 5% for new creative ideas and 5-10% for any changes involving pricing of any kind.