I want to build on my land Where to buy CLNY tokens?

Congratulations on the presale. I bought some land plots and I want to build on my land but was searching where to buy CLNY tokens and couldn’t found them. Could a moderator someone from the team point me where to buy them, would also appreciate an invite to the discord please. Thank You. :grinning:


Use sushiswap (connect with your harmony one wallet).
CLNY token contract: 0x0d625029e21540abdfafa3bfc6fd44fb4e0a66d0

About 8 USDC at the moment.


Thank you so much. although is expensive I better wait the price to come down

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The price has been seeing swings through the last two days, hopefully it does stabilize in its upward movement.

Mars Colony (Discord invite)
The discord community is lit!

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Where can I see the price movement of CLNY?

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discord Discord

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Thank you for the invite price is shooting up either way I just keep wining

sushiswap https://app.sushi.com/swap?outputCurrency=0x0d625029e21540abdfafa3bfc6fd44fb4e0a66d0