Ideas for Dashboard

It would be good to see a summary of all minted tokens from land. Lets say beside CLAIM ALL Button.


Hey @M.A.C thanks for sharing this idea! @eugenefinch @MEMOLOGICAL_EXPEDITI ?


Could we add “Search Plot” functionality on Dashboard, please!
By Plot number for sure.
And area search by Crater name would be great as well!

Expected behavior:
Input Plot Number and press search and app show it up in center of screen if found.
Input Crater Name and press search and app center area of Named crater for you.

thank you in advance!


click on land on MY LANDS page should help to find your plots


My Lands is great tab, but it is only Highlighting your Land, you should scroll all planet to find your plots manually.

Also I would like to find my friends plots easy!
May be gameplay in future will evolve and there will be some kind of interaction with other players needed…

So, IMHO, search plot is “need to have” feature…


All great suggestions on this topic. The total token count on the next to the claim all button is definitely a must have.

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well, we have good workaround. since you collect all tokens each time, simple multiplication the number of plots by earned CLNY for the very first plot will give you good estimation…

When you have plots at different upgrade levels it get’s more complicated though.


That’s an excellent and useful idea!

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We could also have a button next to the each land listed in the My land tab to navigate us to the exact location of the land. This could be useful in the future.


I have not yet, but you are totally right!

Whether it is on the dashboard or the top navbar, it’d be useful to display the current price of CLNY because I currently go to DexScreener to check out the current price. Real-time price of CLNY would be ideal; however, even polling every X seconds or every minute or so would be nice.