Infinite Launch IDO announcement

Hey everyone!

Let me shed some light on the upcoming IDO campaign. So anyone who wants to participate has no issues with doing that, and others have transparent information with all IDO details.

Who can participate in IDO:

The conditions for Infinite Launch IDO participants is to be a Whitelist winner, an Infinite Launch NFT holder, or a Infinite Launch Tier member. BUT for Harmony community there will be an exclusive whitelist spot. Anyone who wants to join, will be able to do it without having to lock tier or own our NFTs. All you need to do is fill the whitelist form, then your wallet will be whitelisted, and you can connect to the Infinity Launch IDO.

The IDO whitelist form >>

IDO details:

Duration: 24 may 2pm UTC time - 30 may 2pm UTC time
Place: Infinite Launch
Price: 1 pCLNY = 0.67 BUSD
Token: pCLNY (Polygon network)

Thanks everyone for the questions in discord regarding IDO, let me know if you still have some :hugs:

KYC requirement

Harmony community don’t need to pass the KYC, all you need just fill the form :wink:

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Infinitelaunch has a KYC requirement (latest 2 hours prior to the IDO). Is that still a requirement for harmony whitelists? If it is, then it’s past the deadline already.

No, it will be ok :ok_hand:

For Harmony whitelist they will allow to pass KYC later.

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I appreciate the information but this should have been released a few weeks in advance and NFT holders should have had a say in this. I did not get a say. This should have been planned out and approved by the community since the community owns the project according to the documents. Poor planning and collaboration with the community.

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Am I interpreting it correctly, please help me out.
Here’s the link for the IDO: Infinite Launch - Where ideas become realities.

There’s basically no interest so far, just like there wasn’t much interest for the Polygon from Harmony side? I must be interpreting it wrong?

If this is correct, we urgently need to have that detailed road-map with time estimates, and road-map needs to be made with the community, because we are the ones who are going to or not going to support it.