INFO DROP — Avatars, DEX, Missions, +

Hey Martian.

This is an [info drop]. It’s a collection of a bunch of things you’ll soon need to know. They don’t come often, but if you’re lucky, they’ll come when you need it.

These are dense, so prepare yourself. It’s a lot to cover, and you know how long-winded I get.


The SpaceXchange is deploying shortly. It is an interactive building which can bring you to the DEX interface, the LP, and any other future DeFi tool we create. It will be your financial hub. It will undoubtedly become synonymous with the DEX, but it is not the DEX. It is the interface through which you use it. And use it well, but don’t get greedy.


The DEX is the smart contract tool that will manage liquidity pools and the trades against them, allowing you to buy and sell assets. You will be able to trade CLNY pairs, likely beginning with Harmony ONE, but the number of pairs will grow over time. It may deploy shortly after the SpaceXchange, or possibly at the same time. Either way, it’s coming in mere days.

When it does, we will have to build out liquidity for each pair we want to trade, which will take some time. The DEX and its rates will get better as we grow. Note that not every pair can be supported at first, since it will depend on addressable liquidity.

With each DEX on each new chain we eventually launch Mars Colony on, once bridged, the DEXes will aggregate and become even more powerful.


It is almost certain that avatars are minting early next week.

There will be 21,000 total NFT avatars in this class, and each will cost 30 CLNY to mint. ~95% of what is used to mint will be burned, the other ~5% will reward avatar project contributors. The process will be simple, simply click in the app to mint an avatar once they launch. They’ll all launch at once, and there is no limit per wallet.

Yet, everyone will still be able to get avatars. We are almost certain they will not “sell out” immediately.


Because we designed it to be very difficult :smiling_imp:

Currently, there is about 650,000 CLNY in circulation.

Of that .65 million, much of it is locked in liquidity pools. To ensure there is still liquidity when people withdraw to mint avatars, the core team has provided a sizable chunk to liquidity pools. That means there is a portion of that .65 million that will remain untouched during mint.

To mint all 21,000 avatars at 30 CLNY would cost .63 million, leaving only .2 million of circulating supply (plus whatever amount is minted between now and launch. Everyone would have to pull out all of their LP and spend all of their CLNY to mint all avatars.


Now, these avatars will be an exclusive “Gen-1” series, the original 21,000 (a number we chose to match how many damn Pokemon there are now), and can have added utility in the near and far futures. They will not, however, be the only avatars to ever debut. Other chains will have their own originals, and avatars of limited playability may be released in the future, to allow casual players to join the Colonies. No matter what utility these 21,000 debut with, there is always room to add more as the game develops. They will stand out as a cut above the rest.

“But brother, what will they debut with?”

I’m glad I asked.


See, for avi’s to be useful (that’s what I’m calling them now that I’m too lazy to type ‘avatars’), they need to be tied to missions. Not quests. Missions.

The thing is, while avatars are coming soon, missions are coming less soon.

That means there will be a holding period, where you simply appreciate the beauty of your avi. Enjoy it while it lasts, for soon they will need to be put to work.

But fear not, this is where plans come in. And despite the fact that there’s not enough time for myself alone to tell you everything there is to be told, we do have plans. Unfortunately you have thus been left untold of those plans.

Let that change somewhat now, as I relay to you a fraction of what we’re thinking:


To tell you everything would require multiple chronicles of great length (which I AM writing, but it will be a while before you see them). So, let’s just take a look at the next few updates:


So what are missions, anyway, and how do avi’s fit in?

Well, when missions launch, they will be tasks that you can dispatch your avatar to complete in return for in-game rewards. Missions will take a certain amount of time, during which your avatar cannot be dispatched on other missions.

At the beginning, they will simply be a button you click with a name and short description. In the future, you’ll be able to play them by solving puzzles, exploring, building, and more.

Rewards will be CLNY, but we need to talk about this soon. I will announce more details about a coming discussion in the next week. In later stages, resources/materials, items, and even secondary tokens can be introduced as mission rewards.

The amount of missions your avatar can do per day and the rewards you earn for missions will depend on your land and its upgrades, as well as the avatar itself (traits, level). Rewards will also vary by mission.


It’s almost time for your colonies to actually become colonies. Soon, we’re introducing guilds that landowners can start.

In the long term, guilds will evolve into societies, sub-DAOs which can build out plots and gameplay in unique ways. They will be able to collaborate, compete, and more.

In the near term, guilds will be a way for players with avatars but without land to perform missions.


We’re beginning to prepare to go launch Mars Colony on another blockchain, and we’re shooting for Polygon first, for multiple reasons that will be discussed later, as preparations take shape.

Until then, what you should know is:

  1. All Mars Colonies will be a single development track. No chain need be developed instead of another, and no chain will fall behind in the long term (just expect some communication delays as my life becomes absolute chaos when we near launch). There will not likely be major changes between chains, only things that improve the chain-specific user experience.

  2. Harmony Martians will be able to invest in a way in future colonies, at the very least by being an early participant of the new launches, but we’ll also be able to create investment mechanisms and treasury-sharing mechanisms to help colonies co-thrive. This can be determined in more detail as the launch gets closer.

  3. Launching on Polygon will be another way to scale Mars Colony, in this case exponentially, and prepare us to colonize (not in the Earth sense of the word) the entire metaverse. It will be a win for all Martians, together, and we’ll all need to participate in preparing and spreading the word.


Mediator @Alex_K has requested feet references in updates multiple times, so this is here to appease him.


“Everyone participating” brings us to the DAO.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for some structure.

Except, I do know about you, because we talk. All the time. In the Discord. (If you’re not there, fix that).

You’ve shown again and again that you’re full of good ideas and that you want this project to be something great. For speed and efficiency, among other things, at the moment the decisions and development of Mars Colony ultimately lie in the hands of the core team.

But preparing for the DAO isn’t just about building a self-sustaining product, it’s also about preparing our minds and hearts.

So, to that end, in April, I’ll unveil to you MockDAO. MockDAO will be the precursor to MarsDAO, and it will be a layered (like onions) community structure where we hold monthly Forums (Voice chat discussions in Discord). It will be like our own little Senate, except more diverse, less corrupt, more hopeful and considerate than Earth senates.

In these Forums, I (then eventually, Mediators) will explain what the core team is building, planning, and discussing, and you will offer your thoughts and feeback during the Forum chats, and in specified channels. There will be a review process, and we’ll begin the next Forum the following month with updates on the last month’s feedback before moving forward.

This way, your ideas and feedback can be ever-informed, and you can have the context about what we’re up to that you’ll need to help shape this project.

It’s called MockDAO because for the time being, final decisions still rest in the hands of the core team. But this is an experiment that will allow us to find flaws in governance and explore solutions, and build the future of our DAO actively.

It will be a bumpy process. It’s the beginning of a new world, after all.




Forward Martians! :rocket: Amazing communication from the team… once again.


That’s awesome


Amazing read. A page-turner. Had me at the edge of my seat. Two thumbs up – and a standing ovation. This. Is…the winner of the 2022 PEN Award in Fine Ass Literature.

Forward. :v::sunglasses:

P.S. Thanks for sharing. I’m pumped and looking forward to more progress. Congratulations, team and community. :partying_face:


I’m so Damm excited and bullish about Thanks for all of this fresh “meat”. Thanks for all of your continued hard work…

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multichain sucks all other is awesome multichain sucks


Shi*t just got real! :fire::fire::fire:


After you, brother!

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Yea, multi chain scares me a bit


What an awesome Info Drop!
Firstly let me compliment your penmanship and grammar, both of which are dying arts.
I, as most here, are out of cash due to uber investments in Mars. It would be sad if die-hard Mars supporters in our collective shoes, see a multichain launched, can not buy anything, and then that clone ends up being more successful than original harmony Mars. Please arrange something in which we can leverage our Mars property to buy on a multichain. Example: ability to collaterize Mars land, until income generated can be used to pay down a multichain purchase. Another possibility is a like for like (upgrades respected) swap. If one has 20 lands, have the ability to swap 10 lands for the new Polygon ones; The Mars land can be taken into a community wallet and resold. Merely being whitelisted or a pre-minting or private-minting for Mars holders is not good enough since, again, all funds are already invested in Mars; So first to mint when we have no funds is kind of useless.
Excellent, but might I suggest the Dev team still retain, for example, a 30% decision making. With all, and full, respect, for all members of our community: ideas are a plentiful, but honestly the majority of them, if implemented, would destroy this platform. The current progress is working because the Dev/Management team seem to actually know what is best and have the foresight and vision that is, frankly, working. The last thing I want to do is get up to a notification, that the ‘community’ decided overnight that unlimited CLNY was a good idea and now it is implemented (hyperbole). Maybe even a veto system for what may be popular but proven-to-be-a-disaster ideas. Democracy is great, until the popular uniformed masses vote on a disaster item of major consequence!
Great! But please can you consider folks with more than 10 lands as well. Right now even the upgrades, without the ability to multi-select, is tiresome at the very least. Some have hundreds of lands…Placing buildings on lands is a 4 day process! So I can only imagine once something is more than a click, what turmoil it may cause. So multi-land management interface, please.
Can’t wait!
All in all this info drop has me excited beyond belief. The extra mortgage on the house to fund all of this may actually pay off! I am astounded, positively, by the intracies in thought of our team and to be honest this was much needed in light of other projects showcasing their devs only for us to wonder if its a 12 y/o on a keyboard. The maturity and thought of our team is gob-smackingly Awesome!!!


This is humongous… beyond what most here can comprehend… There is no limit to all these!
I knew I was right about this team and community!


I appreciate the work this team has done, see you on mars :rocket:


I am so fucking down for an avatar. Lesssssgoooooooooooo forward, fellow Martians.


I’ve made a poll more than a month ago on choosing the right price for the upcoming avatars mint price.
I guess the team chose wisely, mixing the top two choices.

Here’s the link to the poll: Alien NFT character Price Recomendation


Also great recap btw. Can’t wait for the DEX and Avatars. Multichain makes me excited too, but I’m most excited about DAO, and taking the control over the Mars Colony as a community.
It is interesting because we can see if the DAOs are the way for the future also in real life, or they are just a nice try. I hope DAO will get the best out of the community, and I can’t wait to join and build together.

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Every project i was in wich went multichain, couldn’t handle it right. Dont do it (at this moment).


I’m happy to see the word MISSION there :smile:
A great journey is in front of us hopefully!

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Great news, but…

…let’s build on Polygon!?

Hopefully I will be able to pick up a few Avis :grin:
Updates sounding really good… Team is making things happen and community is growing!

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Thank you Brother, this is brilliant you manage to make me even more bullish​:rocket::clap:. Aside from the price of the clonies that’s about to explode. The fact that this avatars will be the most profitable and accessible to everyone guarantees a great and long life for our project.

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