INFO DROP — Avatars, DEX, Missions, +

Every project i was in wich went multichain, couldn’t handle it right. Dont do it (at this moment).


I’m happy to see the word MISSION there :smile:
A great journey is in front of us hopefully!

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Great news, but…

…let’s build on Polygon!?

Hopefully I will be able to pick up a few Avis :grin:
Updates sounding really good… Team is making things happen and community is growing!

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Thank you Brother, this is brilliant you manage to make me even more bullish​:rocket::clap:. Aside from the price of the clonies that’s about to explode. The fact that this avatars will be the most profitable and accessible to everyone guarantees a great and long life for our project.

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Great update. Thanks mars team.

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It feels soooo good…

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Cant wait for Avatars. Thank you for your hard work! Time to enjoy what is coming!

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Missions and Miners !!!

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Great news, I’m very excited! =)

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Let’s not.

THIS! will be as I said from the start of this project, the new bench, trend in crypto

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They paid a professional security expert for finding an exploit in their code base, that’s normal.

Thanks for such a long and well-thought-out response, and for your encouragement! It’s been a joy to have your voice in this project, among others. We all appreciate it.

You make good points, and while all of them haven’t been decided yet, it deserves a reply, so I’ll give you what I can:


I will be discussing investment vehicles with the team tonight, and in the coming days. I can’t guarantee anything, to be honest, but we’ll do our best. We have multiple warring voices that all must be considered:

  • OG Harmony landowners/early supporters
  • Polygon evangelists
  • Harmony evangelists
  • Players without land
  • Treasuries of each chain’s Colony
  • Bizdev for the project as a whole
  • Developer resources (in case the solution proposed is complex and requires new features)

We will do our best to find a way to honor everyone involved.


The core team is a part of the community, so we’ll always retain influence. By building this project well before the DAO is implemented, hopefully we’ll continue to earn the community’s trust and respect, so that our ideas hold weight in the DAO as experienced builders. But, we won’t force anything. The idea of a substantial minority influence share (like your suggestion of 30%) is appealing, but should be put to a community Forum as we near DAO formation. As the token/voting mechanism has yet to be decided, it’s hard to predict how this will play out, but I can be certain of a few things:

  1. We will use what we learn with MockDAO to inform the MarsDAO framework we present to the community
  2. The community will have time to debate and vote on DAO structure
  3. We will ensure failsafes so that a decision like infinite CLNY generation and such require mutliple stages of approvals with veto potential
  4. Our primary goals are fairness and equity, but also flexibility
  5. We will continue to try to build a healthy culture before the DAO is implemented. What many in crypto and government miss is that culture greatly affects implementation, and structure alone is not enough
  6. The core team will still participate in shaping the project after the DAO is implemented. It will be up to the community, but perhaps we will retain a veto power as the core team, in case of extenuating circumstances like your unlimited CLNY example. That said, there should be a way to bypass the veto with overwhelming support. It will be complicated, but we have time to wrestle out the details of the DAO


We are considering landowners with scale, have no fear. Players without land will be able to do missions on your land and revenue will be shared between you. This will be discussed in greater detail soon. But, a “dispatch all missions” feature is being considered and may be released in a future update.

Important to remember about MC: We’re releasing basic MVPs as frequently as possible, so that we can update them later and users can have more features sooner. There is always room to improve.



Extra Mortgage

I am obligated to say I hope you’re joking, but if not, I hope it works out!

Forward :v:


Thank you for your completeness of reply. Appreciated.

everything seems in order and team sounds confident and convicted where they are taking this…

Couple things I would like to mention are:

  1. While we (The Community) dont have all the details, Im hoping the team will not make clones of MARS on other chains. Im all in for cross-chain and bullish on the idea but not as just clones of MARS.

  2. Also, Im reading he discusses unlimited $CLNY??? not sure where this came about (I must have missed this part from the prior posts) Im big time NO OK about unlimited token production for the sake of long term token value. Maybe reduction of burning rate for new NFTs (After Avatars) may be considered but not unlimited supply… NO BUENO sers! If anything, a new farming tokens may be introduced to support $CLNY token value and utility while also adding to DEX swap fees (Adding to the Sustainability)

Thanks for the preliminary update and hope the meeting with the core team goes well!


No, there won’t be unlimited CLNY:) It was just a hypothetical worst-case scenario T was giving about DAO operations.


Devil is in the details. This idea also had me a bit perplexed, but I went back and Read T’s statements and realized it was a hypothetical remark while discussing DAO makeup on voting on this type of action which we all agree would be detrimental to the tokenomics and CLNY value. Smart people would never allow this, and I think it would require something of this type of magnitude to be placed into the governing documents as something crazy like 100% vote approval. Which would never really happen, cause I would vote NO.

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Love the way this is coming together !!! WELL DONE and

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this is exactly as I hoped for since the start of the project this was one of the suggestions I had made, this will great for both land owners and new players, great to see the team incorporated this amazing!