Instead of Burning CLNY for CryoChamber and fuel rods, put into a Treasury Wallet for Avatar Mission Rewards

My suggestion is the title.

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Interesting. Make the $CLNY circulating. It would probably make more sense once there’s more things to spend $CLNY on. Right now you can not do much with it, and it would probably be sold.

Also can someone explain to me the motive behind burning tokens? If one have an incentive to burn the tokens it means there’s too much of it, right? And that means a lot of $CLNY is being printed and not used at the moment, right?
The real solution would be to motivate users to spend and have the fluctuation in the economy.

You are suggesting that right? To have the moving money and the functional economy? That makes a lot of sense, but right now, because you don’t have much options to spend your $CLNY might not be the right time. I can see that move hurting the price of $CLNY even more.

I think we came into this situation because of the huge printing rate of the $CLNY from the beginning. So the right thing at the moment is probably to burn it. That way the total available amount of $CLNY wold be closer to the supply that is actually circulating at the moment.

Btw. I woted this to be a good idea, but in general. I would suggest rethinking it once the economy starts being healthy again. :v:t2:

The avatars would earn it and then use it, right now the only place to use it is on the fuel rods and cyrochamber. It could become a way to rebuild health faster so more missions could be done sooner. The first step to creating utility has been provided, now its time to think about how to expand that utility and keep the CLNY circulating. Burning CLNY in my opinion is not the best solution, it could be a partial burn but instead of burning it out of existence, put it in a pool that can be used to reward play to earn players. :slight_smile:

The pool of funds has to be there to draw from instead of forcing land/plot owners to fork out more of the profits. Land/Plot owners could be forced to upgrade or repair buildings otherwise production is dropped. (Hint Hint) … this is a game function for plot owners. Maybe they need “Ore” from raw materials earned from mining missions to do this plus some CLNY to bring it back to 100% status. Maybe make it time based degradation, this could also be accelerated from random weather events, or sabotage. This type of feature forces CLNY usage for Building repairs, puts a timer on buildings to be maintained for optimal production. … There are ways to make utility, just need to start drafting and proposing the ideas for vote. Keep the ideas flowing and put votes out there to see if that is of interest to the community.

Keep the votes concentrated on a feature or function as opposed to a multi function idea. This is how you build the blocks of utility up and help the dev team with ideas that are of interest to the community.

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I see what you’re talking about. I got it from the original post. But I’m still not convinced that there is enough liquid utility in game to spend money on. I agree that it can be spent on chambers, but how many $CLNY should one earn from the mission? The starting earning rate of the plot was 1 $CLNY, so I would suggest not more than that, after the Avi finishes all 4 missions. That way one would need around 10 days of play per avatar to afford the chamber. I think that’s fair, if not too fair. Right?

This is my view, after I slept over the idea. Right now it makes sense to take a portion of the $CLNY that is being burned, and maybe put the larger peace of it into the governance wallet, so it can be used later. That way it is not dumped, but can be used for a greater goods in the coming period. For example, hire more devs to speed up the process of building Mars.
And use the rest of it to award those who are playing missions. The award should be small in comparison to what it is intended to be used for. Like I’ve mentioned, it should take one Avi at least 10 days of work to get enough $CLNY for cryo chamber.

Also I wouldn’t force land owners to repair the land, just because that can seem as a “utility” for the $CLNY token. It’s just forcing people to spend $CLNY for no reason at all.
There were ideas of the incoming meteor shower, and using the move building function to escape the damage, and that would also make sense once the game is fun to play, and those things are acceptable at that moment. Right now to have the meteor shower or to have users fix their buildings just because that seems like the utility for the $CLNY is just silly. I first wouldn’t give a damn to do it, I would just leave it as is, and I wouldn’t care, even if the earnings would drop significantly or totally.
There’s also a talk from the devs about paying some $CLNY to be able to play missions, once those missions are integrated in the future. That part makes sense.

My point is: I wouldn’t rush into having some “utility features” for the $CLNY just because that would increase the spending of the $CLNY token. That way the game could loose a lot more people, because it’s just not professional to do such things. It’s noting but the dead cat bounce.

So, I would wait for the missions. The team has a nice plan so far, let’s just wait and we’ll see if it was worth waiting.
Take a look at their plan:

My point to this post was to get a consensus on whether or not the CLNY should be placed into a reserve for future Avatar Mission Rewards. Timing of when that occurs would still need to be determined, but I’m looking to have a plan forward and that starts now. Gotta plan for a way to pay out mission rewards with CLNY. It was always intended to be a play to earn game, and the foundation for that is to “circulate” tokens, not “burn” them out of existence. I would say having a mechanism to prepare for the “P2E” principle, one has to have a means to actually pay it. This solves a portion of the problem and doesn’t require the funds to come from a mandatory “Revenue Sharing” with plot owners.