[Instruction] How to claim NFT Land

How to claim NFT Land

Step 1: Launch the Mars Colony App

Step 2: Click “Connect wallet”
  • button in the top right corner (1)
  • login with Metamask (2)
  • or WalletConnect (3)

Step 3: Chose a Polygon network.

Step 4: Chose a NFT Land plot

Chose a piece of land that you would like to claim (available land is with no colors, green is yours, purple is claimed by someone else).
Choose a piece and click on it →

Step 5: Claim NFT

You will see pop-up click “Claim Now” or “Add to cart”

Step 6: Sign transaction

Sign transaction with Metamask. Click “Confirm” and wait a couple of seconds.

Refresh the app or check your wallet

In a couple of seconds, you will see the interface of your first NFT Land.

The real experience might be slightly different compared to the screenshots due to continuous app improvement. If something is not clear, let us know.


Hi there. I am getting an error that the transaction is “likely to fail.” I am using Metamask. Any suggestions on what to do there? Do I have some issue with my Metamask?

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What was the point of doing this on testnet I never got any nfts from the drop?

to test out contracts! 100 random betatesters got the NFT

Just retry, it can be netwrok error.

Not enough land and was testing beta and testnet for nothing. :unamused: It seems not balanced for global usage only for first time beta testers and once that got in land grab. people who have money to buy ntf land over priced is not fair on community this will be why it fails. Launching quick to just make profit for the few.

Should I just pick any plot?

Hey @MDP unfortunately all plots were claimed out in the first 3 days. If you still would like to get one, please check out secondary market MarsColony - NFTKEY