Locked LP Rewards

Hello Martians
I hope everyone has settle down and working on building there lands.
I’m really happy of Team’s progress so far.
Can’t wait to see SpaceXchange fly around Mars.
I would like to suggest to implement locked rewards in LP for one year,then to be unlocked linearly trough year,unlock per day can be maybe 1% and everyone will be happy.
This will prevent dump of CLYN and everyone can have nice passive Monthly income.
@father @eugenefinch


Not the worst idea. But even DefiKingdoms figured out a way around locked LP rewards.

It may be thy figured out or not, if yes thank to them. This is really good strategy to keep token health. and this is what we need for CLYN

They didn’t figured it out. The JEWEL tokens and VIPER and all that have a function in their contract where they can be sent to another wallet. That’s it. They are still locked and therefore not in circulation.

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I’m not a fan of locked rewards. I don’t believe it provides a true representation of the projects value as the locked rewards system simply reduces the supply and in theory holds up the value. As a game system, I should be free to decide how to invest my tokens. I am unable to do this if there is a locking mechanism preventing me from doing just that. Markets will find their equilibrium much faster and represent the true value of the project in TVL. Not an artificial one. I don’t believe that locking rewards is beneficial to future investors in the game because the price is not properly represented. In essence, you are inflating price in order to keep value early. This is not the spirit of a free market. This is manipulation of supply and demand to keep price higher than it actually is. Yes, one could argue it buys time to develop, but the reality is that this is not how business works. The value of your token should be represented by the usability of the product.

Additionally, locking rewards will lead to a massive dump at some point in the future. As has been witnessed with airdrops. This is not an advantage to the future investor, in fact, it has them holding bags at inflated prices. A questionable practice in my humble opinion with many projects. Allowing the true value of a token to be determined by actual supply and demand factors keeps things on the legit side.

EDIT: One more thing I would like to add. The LP DEX rewards could potentially be used by land owners to upgrade their plots. Which in essence is a burn function reducing the supply as designed. Do not under estimate the land owners intent to use this feature of the tokenomics to facilitate upgrades to lands. Limiting the supply does effect the ability for land owners to upgrade at reasonable prices. Locking rewards limits this capability.

I would encourage people to rethink their position of locked rewards as a benefit to the ecosystem. In my opinion, it is not.

Maybe a 25 percent locked reward schedule, another platform I’m in does this…

In my opinion, locked rewards take away options to the investors. I think a great compromise would be to create a lock mechanism like tranquil offers where the lock is voluntary for added rewards. I personally do not like locked rewards, particularly in a game. it takes away from the game play. I am looking at 120 CLNY per upgrade. This is not an inexpensive endeavor. Locking rewards would take away my ability to upgrade those lands. The next level beyond that is 270 CLNY, after that it is 480. Each of these upgrades creates a “BURN” of tokens. Burning of tokens helps to offset supply similar to a locked rewards mechanism. Consider the time it takes to earn 120 CLNY per land. Take into account how long it would take to upgrade to its full capacity. None of which includes the future NFTs of citizens and how they will play into the ecosystem. A lock mechanism will take away from the game play as intended. Just my two cents. Focus should be on game play, not price of the token. In my humble opinion (IMHO)

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There may be a locked reward system. Locked balance can be planned to be unlocked in a certain period as in jewel or viper. Using the locked balance before the specified date can only be used for building upgrades.

Hey @PixiMan I am more freedom-oriented person and I belive that MarsColony should be a free world, so I don’t like ideas on locking users funds. I think you should be able to deposit withdraw anytime.

Bu if you wanna get higher interest, you should contribute to MarsColony and Earn higher APY. Maybe based on your NFT land, if you have more buildings, you should get higher APY.


I like how you said it Freedom, this is what we really need the most, thank you


I fully agree with @father here. I understand these lockups are getting kind of common so a lot of users expect them and even consider them a good thing.

I find this very odd, we are coming from the old financial system trying to build a better things where we truly own our money and then we want lockups just to delay inflation for a year or so and then take the inflation anyway?

This is not a critique to @PixiMan btw, I love the way you are always helping the community and brings ideas and so on, or anyone that agrees with these mechanisms. It’s just a question for reflection on what we are actually trying to do here and what crypto is all about on a macro level.