Mars Colony (Characters)

While I know everything is still in the early stages, I just wanted to share and push forward some thoughts on the roadmap

Looking at the roadmap, many of us have noticed characters on the roadmap and obviously we have no idea what these will encompass yet, but I propose that characters should be much more abundant then land to give a new wave of users a sense of ownership into the ecosystem

Landholders are already massively incentivized to hold land and if we are to continue to grow then we will need a new way for new people to interact

Characters can be a great opportunity to provide a low bar of entry into the community itself, especially if the price of land moves beyond the average investors investment portfolio (ie. I’m thinking 21 million characters)

And lastly as much as I would love airdrops, I do believe in the spirit of not having any whitelists/keeping things fair for everyone and propose an open launch to the public and foregoing any airdrops to landholders, the landholders already have massive incentives to hold what they have, and this should be an equal opportunity for anyone/everyone


It is important to maintain a balance so new players have an adequate barrier to entry, totally agree.

However, it is also important to incentivise early adopters and hodlers of land, especially in the early stages like this when the timescales on the roadmap are uncertain.


I totally agree with this. I think Land holder are already good and it’s more fair with this path. Even if I have 9 lands it’s more useful everybody can join the journey :blush:


Land owners should be granted one free martian per land, but there needs to be millions of Martians. We need a alot of people to make Mars come alive. It should require CLNY to purchase a Martian, but they should no more than 2-4 CLNY.

Martians should be generated by land owners with upgraded land at least to transport level 1. Transport level 2 upgard could grant more frequent minting of new martians. And the day you mint you lose your CLNY that day.

the focus should be on making CLNY as valuable as possible for this model to work.