Mars Colony: Tokenomic

Mars Colony has two types of tokens:

  • Non-fungible tokens, in the form of NFT Land and NFT Avatars

  • Fungible/hybrid utility tokens, like CLNY, governance tokens, and resource tokens.

The Mars Colony Framework

Mars Colony is a reproducible model for building sustainable, community-owned-and-operated economies/societies around play-to-earn and UBI structures. It is designed to operate as a DAO made up of multiple autonomous but interdependent DAOs.

100% community control of NFT supply

An MC NFT is the beginning of your journey into the MC metaverse!

To start your journey, mint one (or more) of the available NFT options: NFT Land and/or an NFT Avatar.

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Objects LandLord Avatar
Initial Play style Invest & Earn (with play options) Play & Earn
Available NFT plots 21,000 Unlimited (with limited Gen 1 batch of 21k)
Revenue share Decide the revenue share Accept revenue share
How to enter the game Claim NFT with crypto Claim NFT with CLNY

Important Notes

  • Each Mars across the multiverse is split into 21,000 equal NFT Land pieces.
  • CLNY minting starts immediately after the first NFT Land is claimed (UPD: minting starts immediately after mainnet launch. Pre-mint isn’t start CLNY minting process)
  • NFT Avatars will be available to claim within 30 days after CLNY minting begins.

100% community control of CLNY supply

49% of CLNY tokens go directly to NFT land and Avartar owners via CLNY UBI and mission rewards, 20% serves as liquidity mining rewards and the other 31% is placed in the community treasury, which is controlled by the DAO (coming soon). These percentages are subject to change with DAO approval depending on future DAO proposals.

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To fully decentralize the project, 100% of the CLNY token supply is owned by the community.

Token allocation % Amount
NFT Owners 49% 70,952,000
Community Treasury (DAO) 31% 44,888,000
Liquidity Mining (DAO) 20% 28,960,000

The First Colony

Mars Colony Harmony

MarsColony Polygon :arrow_down:

Mainnet launch: LIVE

NFT Claiming details

NFT Land to claim 21,000 pieces
Claiming currency MATIC
Claiming fee 410 MATIC / Piece
Launch discount 49%
Discounted claiming fee* 210 MATIC / NFT Land

*For allowlist minters, a 49% discount will be given to support early adopters. Around the time of the public launch, the fee will return to 410 MATIC.

This is a tradition that started with the first colony (in the form of a 48-hour discount) and will likely continue moving forward to reward early supporters on each chain.

Comparison: MarsColony NFT vs Others →

Dive deeper into the economy :arrow_down:

The main difference between the Polygon and Harmony tokenomics is that

Polygon tokenomic has a fixed minting supply per year / month / day. It means that in the first year, will be distributed 21M pCLNY tokens no matter how many NFT lands are claimed, 3,000 11,000 or 21,000.

For example, if 21,000 NFTs are claimed, each piece will generate 1,000 pCLNY per year by default; if 3,000 NFTs are claimed, each NFT will generate 7,000 pCLNY per year accordingly.

pCLNY minting calculator →

See details about pCLNY distribution per year & earning booster mechanisms below :arrow_down:

CLNY Token minting schedule
Colony Age NFT Holders Treasury Mining
49% 31% 20%
Year 1 21,000,000 10,290,000 6,510,000 4,200,000
Year 2 18,081,000 8,859,690 5,605,110 3,616,200
Year 3 15,567,741 7,628,193 4,826,000 3,113,548
Year 4 13,403,825 6,567,874 4,155,186 2,680,765
Year 5 11,540,693 5,654,940 3,577,615 2,308,139
Year 6 9,936,537 4,868,903 3,080,326 1,987,307
Year 7 8,555,358 4,192,126 2,652,161 1,711,072
Year 8 7,366,164 3,609,420 2,283,511 1,473,233
Year 9 6,342,267 3,107,711 1,966,103 1,268,453
Year 10 5,460,692 2,675,739 1,692,814 1,092,138
Year 11 4,701,656 2,303,811 1,457,513 940,331
Year 12 4,048,125 1,983,581 1,254,919 809,625
Year 13 3,485,436 1,707,864 1,080,485 697,087
Year 14 3,000,960 1,470,471 930,298 600,192
Year 15 2,583,827 1,266,075 800,986 516,765
Year 16 2,224,675 1,090,091 689,649 444,935
Year 17 1,915,445 938,568 593,788 383,089
Year 18 1,649,198 808,107 511,251 329,840
Year 19 1,419,960 695,780 440,188 283,992
Year 20 1,222,585 599,067 379,001 244,517
Year 21 1,052,646 515,797 326,320 210,529
Earning Booster mechanics
Type of improvements Burned CLNY Land Improvements Share (LIS)
Empty Land 1
Base Station 30 +1
Transport 60 +1
- Transport (L2) 120 +2
- Transport (L3) 240 +4
Robot Assembly 60 +1
- Robot Assembly (L2) 120 +2
- Robot Assembly (L3) 240 +4
Power Plant 60 +1
- Power Plant (L2) 120 +2
- Power Plant (L3) 240 +4

*Shares are calculated as totals, so a level 3 transport adds +4, not +4+2+1.

CLNY Token Minting logic

The initial CLNY supply is 0 CLNY tokens
Max CLNY supply is 144,800,000 CLNY per blockchain colony

NFT owners will be eligible to mint CLNY / Daily / Per NFT Land

For example:

  1. Andy purchases 1 piece of land. From the moment he got it in the wallet, he started earning 1 share of CLNY per day
  2. Bob purchased 3 pieces of Land. So he is eligible to earn 3 CLNY shares per day and so on

To make the CLNY minting race more adventurous, both Andy and Bob can build improvements on their land, make it more valuable, and increase CLNY minting speed.

Economic of Land improvements

Every Landholder has an opportunity to build economic improvements on their land. The improvements are optional, but they will boost the economic growth of the Land it builds on.

Landowners can build 4 type of facilities on their land: Base Station, Transport Garage, Power Plant and Robot Assembly. Items like Transport, Power and Assembly can be additionally upgraded to generate higher yield and bring additional benefits to the landowner.

For example:

if Andy has an empty piece of land, his land produces X CLNY/day, but if Bob has a Piece of land + Base station + Transport (level 2) + Assembly (level 3), his Land generates 1+1+2+4 = 8X CLNY/day

Important to know

  1. The “fee” collected from purchased improvements is burned during the upgrade transaction.
  2. Token minting process starts when the first piece of NFT Land is claimed (UPD: At the mainnet launch. Minting isn’t started over pre-mint event)
  3. Token minting process will be stopped once Max Supply is reached

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Seems there is a typo in the Token Dependencies image: Community Treasury and Liquidity Mining in the image shows 30% and 21% resp.
While the in the token distribution table below the image it says 31% and 20% resp.


hey @DoppyPope good catch. This is the true:


Question on the Tokenomics: Theoretically speaking, Does the Burning of tokens (Upgrades) extend the time to which “max supply” is reached? Or does it simply stop at the Max supply cap regardless of burns? I could see a supply shortage occur from the burns and make the game non-functional using CLNY token. May seem far away, but it is worth having the discussion on this now. @father @brother

Hey @TdxTri the Max supply includes Burned tokens. That means when every CLNY is burned, the max supply will be decreasing accordingly.

what will happen when CLNY reach max supply ? Land wont produce CLNY as now or there will another way for Land produce CLNY through Mission as other Users will borrow Land for playing game ?

The max supply is reached and no more supply is issues. Burn mechanisms would eventually stop keeping the supply for use in game use only. Rewards would stop, but I’m sure alternative methods would be created to allow for continued growth in commerce. Let’s not forget, cross chain is coming eventually which would mean supply would also be locked in the bridge. CLNY would always be in existence, but the price of it would go up if demand for it went up to values that would not be sustainable for new user entry, but other chains would be the vector for entry into the overall ecosystem. I asked this very same question and received the response above your reply from @father.


@father I had the impression that the burn of CLNY for 21K Avatars, would shift the price to the upside. Did the burn happen automatically? If not, when is it scheduled for?
Am I wrong that the burn should have resulted in price movement up? Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Hey @dianbochs

Yep, the burning happened automatically during the minting process.

Not sure if can comment on such a thing. Simply, CLNY token supply is controlled by MarsColony community. Probably you should ask the “price experts” or create a new thread to talk about it with other members.

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where is the liquidity for pclny matic and when ?
when pclny and clny be in exchange do some thing expect selling nft and make money for yourself.