Mars Real World Discussion category

Floating the idea that we create more channels and tags to discuss a wider range of topics, starting from Mars. We could expand this to Environment on Earth (global warming, space exploration etc as topics or tags).

There is so much interest in Mars with new findings are studies being published so very often.

It would interesting to discuss on these topics, debate and learn from members of our community. A merge of real world and metaverse.
These could even lead to integration into the Marcolony game as science and knowledge evolves.

For example a new study (link below) talks about boulders on Mars and how they keep falling due to seismic activity. The surface is in constant motion, the planet is ‘Alive’.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a forum to discus on Mars, for both arm chair geologists and future Martians as well as actual scientists and researchers.


I like this idea and the thing you shared about the seismic activity is fascinating. Interestingly it’s very characteristic of Mars from an astrological sense (any astrologers in here?). A lot of the astrological significations of the planets tend to correspond to their physical attributes and behaviors. Mars in its more negative manifestations can have a destabilizing and disruptive influence being very hot (violent energy) and very dry (separation, distinction). Think of the association between Mars and war. In fact, in mythology Mars is the god of war and is the personification of the actual planet. There’s so much more I could say but I’ll stop here lol

By the way I don’t think we need a separate forum or thread for this discussion. We can have it here.

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Seismic activity = WORMS!!

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How do you tie physical to metaphysical. Astrologically does gravity, electromagnetism or any other such phenomena considered for deriving or concluding the effects on humans? I suppose there is a degree of conscience required for the planets like Mars to have an effect in the first place, which in itself removes base physical implications.
Mars… the god of war. Hoping the game develops and evolves a combat system, based not just on PvP but on a larger scale. Guild vs Guild, kingdoms, martian governments, space fights.
Right now it’s the wild wild west on the planet of blood.

Yea the worms idea is actually cool… let’s see if it gets integrated in-game! Reminds me of the worms from Dune.

I was proposing to have different tags and a separate category to talk about stuff that may not directly relate to the MarColony application.

For eg. tag for ‘Environment’, or ‘Music’