MarsColony is LIVE on Harmony mainnet

Hey Harmonians, ONE holders & Harmony supporters! The moment has come!

The MarsColony is Live!

Join Colony and claim your NFT Land plots!

There are only 21,000 land plots available to сlaim!

Claiming conditions

Unique NFT Land plots to claim 21,000 pieces
Claiming currency ONE
Claiming fee (discounted) 500 250 ONE / Piece
Early Adopters Discount (50%) the first 21,000 minutes after launch and the first 2,100 pieces claimed

Don’t know how to claim NFT ? - check out this step by step tutorial →

Claim your NFT plots here →

Important to know before claiming NFT plots

  1. NFT Land generates CLNY tokens (when 100% of the supply will be minted by NFT Landlords)
  2. CLNY minting starts right after purchasing the first NFT plot and finished when total supply is reached
  3. NFT Land plot is mandatory to join MarsColony. Future players will be able to buy it on the secondary market, lend or do revenue share with NFT Landlords
  4. Check out Tokenomic and dev RoadMap

Learn also about the Value behind NFT & CLNY tokens and MarsColony DAOs

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