MarsColony NFT land claiming event is over! Congratulations to all NFT owners!

Hey Martians! Congratulations to all of us! :partying_face: :tada: :confetti_ball:

21,000 MarsColony NFTs are claimed!

NFT claiming event is over with 100% of pieces ocupited!
Thank you to everyone who contributed and congratulations to those who own one or multiple pieces!

Next step is to start building out our colony by building facilities on land.

Each facility can be built for CLNY and will have a unique function on MarsColony metaverse.

Meanwhile, MarsColony team will keep working on the next stage of our roadmap items.

Our focus for the upcoming weeks:

  • Making improvements to the web up and fixing bugs
  • Getting security audit for our smart contracts
  • Securing funds and DAOwallets (moving everything to multisigs)
  • Trying to get in partnership with exchanges & preparing AMA for Harmony community
  • Thinking about the next must-have feature to make all of you happy

We will be updating you on our progress in our announcement channel and forum :rocket:


Great news! After the success of Unite Finance, I’m sure that ViperSwap :snake: will be happy to help kick off those CLNY pools! :blue_heart:


Congratulations on the amazing launch. Really a job well done!

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I only bought 25 NFTs, which I don’t think is enough, but when I woke up the next day, all 21,000 NFTs were sold out, and I regretted that I didn’t buy enough. It only took 3 days for the main online store to sell all of them! MarsColony NFT land claim activity is over! Congratulations to all NFT owners!

Hello everybody, I just found this project and figure out that I’m late to buy land… So what can I do now to interact with the App?

I’ve claimed 6 lands for the initial price of 250 $ONE. Let’s build this game as a community and make it fun to play.

It all went in no time. Can’t wait for the next steps.

Hello my land is still stuck with on the bsc network and I haven’t got a harmony wallet who can I contact please?

Secondary market

Congratulations to all NFT owners

I have 2 pieces of land. I regret not buying more land, I wonder what we will have. :ok_hand: