Martian meme contest

Announcing a new regular meme competition, to take place in the Mars Colony Discord:

The Challenge: Create original memes and post them in #memes on our discord

Theme: “wen LP?” All memes should topically be related to liquidity provision

Dates: Beginning immediately, the final day to submit your memes is this Sunday at 11:59pm Pacific Time


  • No nudity, racial slurs, or graphic content
  • Do not post more than 5 memes
  • Original content only (templates are fine)

The winner will be determined by reacts (only one react per person will be counted).

The winner of the competition will receive a special discord and forum role badge for a limited time. If you win three of these competitions, you’ll get to keep your title for life!

Bon appetit, Chefs de cuimemes!


                                Wen LP?


Post this on #memes on discord. It’s just too good!

For whatever reason, I’m not allowed to, it seems to be blocked for being “too explicit” :')
But feel free to post it if you can!

EDIT: I managed to do it by adding a spoiler :sweat_smile:

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Excellent! Love this one!