MC Tokenomics: Single vs Dual Token

Just opening a separate thread for a larger community discussion/debate about the merits of one over the other.

Please not only share your ideas and arguments but any articles, papers, research, videos, etc that will be useful to this discussion.

I’ll start by sharing a few reads I found helpful and informative.


we should use the same CLNY token we use now on matic .even if we use the mint for liquidity for this token

Great links. A lot of good information there. After reading them seems like having some sort of stablecoin in the mix and many more mechanisms to burn CLNY would be beneficial.

Kind of feels off topic lol but on that note:

A stable coin could be very useful and I think we will probably see one at some point. I know Cosmic Universe has a 3 token model that includes DAI which is interesting. But I don’t see a stablecoin coming to MC in the short term and while this discussion is about long term sustainability we also need to focus on how to implement something soon and set a solid foundation for the new tokenomics.

hey @Rutherford, thank you for doing that!

Let’s learn and brainstorm altogether on how can we can make our economy better and better :vulcan_salute:

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