Merge MarsColony blockchain part with Mars Colony Builder game by DT Gaming

Hey Martians, here is some food for your brains. DT Gaming did a great job in building in the game world. Watch their trailer and think about the idea to merge MarsColony blockchain infrastructure with DT’s game infrastructure :thinking:

Feedbacks are more than welcome!


This is exactly the kind of long term vision we should have for this project! After the amazing uptake of the land grab you can tell that there are a lot of fans for this genre of game. Let’s blow this thing up with graphics and interactions like this!


Yep, that would be awesome despite a ton of work that has to be done to make it happen :slight_smile:

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Is there really only a few replies here or am I missing something about this fantastic proposal?!

This would be beyond amazing and could potentially offer some aspects of RTS with the strategic overview of the current MarsColony map view and token monetization that in my opinion would make the game incredibly engaging and fun to play. I understand that there may be a lot of work to make it happen, but the work is likely order of magnitudes less than would be required to try and recreate the mechanics and graphics, and not to mention redundant work. If their team is willing, and I suspect this would require a large financial incentive, I am definitely in favor of engaging them for discussion at the least.

Bringing in a large acquisition like this, although “expensive” in the short term, will likely allow for more wealth creation in the aggregate and a higher likelihood of project (and token) success in the long-term.

Let me know if I may help!

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I reached out the developer of the game to see if they would like to chat about a partnership. Lets see if they get back to me.


Hey @MayaMiner that would be awesome if you can get us in touch with them!


If they get back to me, I will connect them with you right away.


This would be absolutely amazing!!!

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I contacted this team tonight too, to see if they are interested in a partnership


What exactly would “merging” the infrastructure mean?

Is it something they would have to agree to? (I assume so)

Is it something we would have to pay for ? (I assume so)

I wouldn’t be against it even if the above answers were yes, I’m only asking for more clarification, thanks!

If the game play looks that good, then i’m stoked

We are on the stage of understanding if there is a common ground between the two projects. If so then we fill find a way how to do something together.