Monthly product review May 2022

Just a question, coz maybe I missed something.

Why should I move buildings? Is there a reason to do it ?


Number 7.

Front end UX engineering lead here (global casino software engineer), give me a shout if you’d like someone to help build, manage, and/or give input.


@eugenefinch It would be nice to know for Item #1 why moving is required other than an incorrectly placed building so that other users know the current and potential value of this improvement.

It is understood that this is needed for simplistic functions of any game, IE if you can build a building it should be able to be used/moved, if avatars are purchased they should be able to be played/named/renamed, etc.

Currently this is a CLNY Utilization with no repeatable function. Max use case is 21k x4 buildings x5 CLNY = 420k CLNY potential burn. Based on current responses however it seems like much less than 1% would actually use this function to move a building.

My question (as others have asked) is will there be further use case for buildings to be moved?

I have many thoughts on this topic but IE, if there was an event like a meteor strike (think original Simcity disaster style) that occurred at a random interval, on a random plot and was required to move a building to avoid taking damage. This event would also require a CLNY repair if the building was not moved. In this example there is a 2 for 1 utilization because the repeatability of moving and repair is now infinite.


I like this, Martians need a place to sin and have fun.

I like your idea for the “move buildings” utility! To move it because there is going to be a meteor shower, but I would make it to be a rare event. With a probability to strike the same land once every few months, anything more often would be ridiculous. Also it makes sense to be able to repair the building once it’s damaged. It should be a little bit more then a cost of moving it at the first place. All the functionalities of the damaged building should be paused until it’s repaired, and to repair it should take a little bit of time. Let’s say depending on size of meteor shower it could take from 10 minutes to a few hours.
I like your idea, what do you think of my interpretation?


Thank you team for your work! :mechanical_arm:

Can’t find, but I saw proposal somewhere between other comments that it would be great to implement Avatar and Plot Marketplace for CLNY only. I think it’s very good Idea! It’s additional utilization for CLNY. Also, if you want to buy another plot or avatar you should not exchange CLNY to ONE then, so you do not dump it!

And keep rolling! :rocket:

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Hello there @iTowerONE :wave:t2:

Here’s the thread for the Mars Colony’s native Marketplace discussion:

One member of the MC team has already given some of his ideas, please feel free to participate if you have ideas on your own, or you have an opinion on the existing ideas.

Forward :v:t2:

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Utility boxes are going live today.


Awesome! Are we going to be able to get them if we’re lucky?

Thanks! I can’t take credit as the originator of the idea but I can take credit for trying to verbalize it.

I like that your interpretation adds to the concept! We are very close in our thoughts on how this could work. The description I gave was brief on purpose as to not focus on a meteor disaster as a utility but more inquire about if and how there could be more function to this newly introduced utility of moving buildings.

Speaking of “events” or “disasters” others like @i_casca and @JigsawNFT47 were talking about worm attacks 5 months ago but that did not go anywhere that I am aware of. It would be worth trying to flesh out disaster ideas like worms and meteors to create a proper proposal if we knew there was a possibility of it being added/adopted.

@father @eugenefinch @nikita_live91 two questions:

  1. Will there be further use case for buildings to be moved?
  2. If we initiate a discussion in #lets-talk to create a community proposal on disasters is there any feasibility in it being able to be reviewed by the team and possibility accepted as a future use case?



Further use case for moving buildings? We don’t even have a use case buildings, period!

That’s true for now, but the team have presented the use case for each building, and they are working on it.
In the mean time, we as a community could and should come up with ideas for further use cases, right?


Hey @FitzRoy, yep as @andi mentioned, the team is working on it. You guys can wait or contribute with more ideas it helps for sure.

Yep, lets build governance together.

Thanks for the critic, lets do something more constructive.


Weekly product update:

The second week is over, and it’s a time to share our product update:

  1. We finally rolled out rewards for missions on the base station. Rewards are utility crates that AI rewards players for passing missions flawlessly. There’s a slight chance of getting a utility crate. To read more on utility crates, please visit our forum article.

  2. We started working on pods that allow players who have idle avatars to put them into the pods where they will sleep and train in cyberspace to gain XP points (and maybe some CLNY in the future). Pods feature will be going live this week.

  3. Updated our landing page. Check it out for details.

  4. For the new sprint, we plan to finalize and launch pods for avatars, work on decrypt missions, and continue working on the mining mission (tunnels) design.

A few critical learnings for us:

We realized the need for timely providing lore and feature mechanics and allocated resources to it. From now, every game feature that will be coming will need to include lore and any other product info.

We will be reducing the time to pass a coding mission from 10 minutes to a minute or less, following community feedback and comparing it with the game mechanics of similar apps (e.g., alien worlds). Item will be a part of base station missions revamp.

Thanks to everyone who read this post. We look forward to hearing your thoughts —MC product team


I was being slightly tongue in cheek, but I don’t see the point in discussing moving buildings when the buildings aren’t functional. There’s a lot of “run before walk” sort of discussion on this forum.

The market is absolutely fucked at the moment and will be for quite some time. My suggestion is to work on the actual game elements of Mars Colony and make it attractive to actually play, because nobody is going to be buying in for the price action anytime soon.

I am sure this is being worked on - communication of it has never been great though.

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@O.G.Martian12900 moving building was just a first step.
That make sense, but the least we want is to build a game that nobody needs. We are gradually rolling out missions this summer and exploring whether that’s something that community likes and needs.

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The landing page looks awesome! Few things to think about:

  • Can we increase the frame-rate of the video playing in the background? 30 fps would be fine, I think.
  • There are a few huge black spaces:
    • between Mars planet and partners section
    • between partners and audit reports section (huge one)
    • between audit reports section and the bottom of the screen
  • The navigation bar. Should it always stay on top? Also think about unifying the navigation bar font with all the other text on site.

Can’t wait for the Cryo pods, just like the other Martians :smiley:

The upcoming missions are going to be a huge part of the game, they are needed and most of us are impatiently waiting. Impatiently in the good way, at least from me :smiley:


@eugenefinch And the “Story” link on the site is broken. Speaking of which, lore and narrative seems to have taken a back seat as of now. Is anyone heading up that task?

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When can we expect this?
It actually makes sense for the mission as is now. My thoughts were: I can buy and run more Avatars in a fraction of time that is requires now to run mine 19 Avatars :grimacing:

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Will try to squeeze in one of the upcoming sprints. Will will announce in weekly update.

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