Monthly product update: August 22

Hello Martians!

It’s time to share our updates and achievements that were accomplished in August.

Top 3 product releases:

  1. Overall app UI revamp. Our app’s user interface is now more user-friendly and all the functions now strictly sorted out in the app.

  2. Utility crates unlocking and mining mission gear. Now you can open crates that you’ve gotten from the base station missions and get a gear for mining mission from it. This release brought us a new CLNY utility + dollar based dynamic CLNY pricing.

  3. We made a huge progress on mining mission development. New features were added to the playable model of mission (including worms interaction, new resources type, new scanning mechanic) and all of the interfaces were approved (and almost all finished) as a first iteration of it.

Product objectives for September pretty much remains the same:

  1. Polygon growth (lands sale and user engagement).

  2. Overall player engagement.

  3. Increasing competitive part of gamification.

Polygon growth:

  1. Missions launch

  2. Lands pricing decision and voting

User engagement and competitive part:

(all of the images below are mockups and not the final designs)

  1. User profile - to obtain personality in our society.

  1. Leaderboard - to be able to compete with other Martians on different gamification components. We will also host different events based on leaderboard stats.

  1. Mars terraformation and Colony Development Score - to be updated with more information.

  1. Mining mission release.

  2. Free-to-play. To be updated with more information (will be implemented after all the other features launch).

De-prioritized features:

  1. Rewards slashing.

  2. hCLNY bridge for claiming lands on Polygon.

UPD: These 2 features were not chosen for Polygon growth and lands sale initiative and were deprioritized to focus on gamification part. For Polygon growth we chose Referral system and free-to-play (in the future).


where is hclny bridge

Weekly product update:

16th Sprint is over and here’s couple of updates:

  1. Mining mission UI and implementation in the app is finished so you’ll be able to see playable model on testnet this week.

  2. Mining mission backend is almost done but still in progress. We’ll also start connecting first parts of backend with mission this week.

  3. User profile UI layout is in progress too.

  4. Leaderboard UI is being fixed to fit current app design.

  5. Also we’re planning to release some UI additions and fixes this week (including avatar filters, wallet ui and polygon stats).


Weekly product update:

17th Sprint is over and here’s the updates:

  1. We have released testnet of mining mission playable model. You can check it out here.

  2. Also we have deployed updated version of app analytics.

  3. Mining mission backend code is done and now is covering with tests.

  4. Backend integration with frontend is in progress too.

  5. Also we have started working on leaderboard frontend part.