Monthly product update: October 22

Hello Martians!

It’s time to share our goals and achievements that were accomplished in October.

Top product releases:

  1. Base station missions were released on Polygon chain. You can now earn pCLNY by completing missions on Polygon planet!

  1. Mining mission. Long awaited mining mission is finally out and you can try it on Harmony and Polygon chains. You can also check out our article about mining mission.

  1. NFT rewards for Harmony users that claimed lands on Polygon have been airdropped. On both chains!

  1. Day to day signs - this feature will allow users to make only 1 message signing a day to complete unlimited amount of mission or edit their User Profile.

  1. User Profile - Allows users to set up nickname and add their socials to obtain web3 identity.


Awesome keep up the good work. We appreciate the updates :muscle:

I like how you’re continually making progress , even in bear market , Is there a place to see current token metrics?