(New) Community Roles

We’re more than just Martians

If you’ve been active in the Discord, you probably know that we’ve been working on some new community roles for Mars Colony. We’re more than just Martians. We all have skills and passions, and we want those to be realized in the community and in the game.

Thanks to the tireless work of the core team and especially the Discord/Discourse platform skills of @Lyagushka, roles are here!

What are roles?

Roles are titles you can earn by participating in the Mars Colony community, which will eventually be integrated into later-stage gameplay.

These are competitive titles. There’s no limit to the amount of people who can hold a title, nor a limit to the number of titles a person can hold. However, titles will be difficult to attain and must be maintained by continuous activity of the title type. You may do work and it still might not be enough to acquire a title, but keep at it and you’ll get there.


1. Ambassador

Connects with other communities to spread the word about MC.

Granted: After one successful project collaboration, or 5 posts in verified communities
with more than 50 engagements. If you connect us for a collaboration but we don’t take the offer, the role is not granted (unless the post likes method is used).

Honors: Badge, Lounge, NFT(?), CLNY

2. Artist

Creates MC art and shares it.

Granted: After artwork receives 20 likes on the forum or Discord or is used by official MC accounts.

Honors: Badge, Lounge, NFT(?), CLNY

3. Baker

Provides token amounts for lending, grants, investment, etc. Called “baker” because it’s “Banker” without the “n” and they got that bread :triumph: :bread:

Granted: After a minimum grant/loan/investment has been supplied (TBD when the lending platform is created).

Honors: Badge, Lounge, NFT(?)

4. Builder

Builds dev projects in the MC ecosystem, for the core team or independently.

Granted: After the release of a project or contribution of code built for or on Mars Colony.

Honors: Badge, Lounge, NFT(?), CLNY

5. Entrepreneur

Operates businesses in the MC ecosystem.

Granted: After the launch of a business in the Mars Colony ecosystem that uses CLNY for transacting.

Honors: Badge, Lounge, NFT(?)

6. Explorer

Land owner.

Granted: To all land cultivators (NFT plot owners) (amount of plots owned does not increase or decrease honors)

Honors: Badge, Lounge, NFT(?)

7. Farmer

Provides liquidity long-term.

Granted: After having more than 50 SLP supplied for 3 months.

Honors: Badge, Lounge, NFT(?)

8. Philosopher

Curator/creator of memes.

Granted: After 5 memes receive 25 or more likes in Discord or on the forum.

Honors: Badge, Lounge, NFT(?), CLNY

9. Mediator

Community moderator.

Granted: To all official moderators.

Honors: Badge, Lounge, NFT(?), CLNY

10. Scholar

Writes thought pieces, educational articles/videos, documentation, etc.

Granted: After one published article or documentation on Mars Colony, must be confirmed by core team to be useful.

Honors: Badge, Lounge, NFT(?), CLNY

11. Translator

Translates official MC materials into foreign languages.

Granted: After at least one official MC post is translated into a foreign language (will be verified to be correct).

Honors: Badge, Lounge, NFT(?), CLNY

12. X Æ A-12

Reserved for Elon Musk’s son.

Granted: If you are Elon Musk’s son named X Æ A-12.

Honors: Badge, Lounge, NFT(?)

What are the Honors?

Honors are perks granted to role holders, and they are subject to change (or evolve). Not all perks apply to all roles, as there’s no reason to grant a CLNY reward to someone operating a for-profit business, for example. Currently, these are the things we have planned:

  • Badge — A badge in Discord and this forum that grants you the title of your role for status, so you can look cool in front of all the other Martians

  • Lounge — Access to a private Discord lounge reserved for only holders of your specific title. For example, and Artists’ lounge reserved for artists.

  • CLNY — A small CLNY reward each month or upon completion of a task, depending on the role. This is subject to change and amounts will be determined by the core team on a case-by-case basis for most roles that have this honor, until these roles are added to the game.

  • NFT — This will be implemented at an uncertain date in the future, which is why they’re marked with a (?). You will receive an NFT of your badge, for Mars Colony Avatar customization. To earn an NFT, you must have a role when the role NFTs are implemented, or earn them afterward, which brings me to:

Maintaining your role

When you earn a role, you’ll have to keep it up. We must meet these requirements each month to continue to hold the badge. There’s a one-month grace period, so if after two months you haven’t continued to meet the requirements, your roles will be reversed. Once NFTs are implemented, losing roles will not revoke NFTs, obviously, as that isn’t possible. NFTs are collectibles earned for earning a badge once, and will be yours to keep. They won’t have any effect on the game, whereas badges will.

Note: Likes on all platforms, including those of other projects, will be investigated for authenticity. This won’t completely eliminate spam, but we’ll do the best we can.

Will roles be implemented into the Mars Colony game?

Eventually, yes, but as this requires dev resources, we have more pressing priorities first. Once the core game features are playable, roles can migrate to in-game roles and badges instead of just Discord.

Their purpose will be similar, to bridge the gap between physical civilization and the Mars Colonies.

Will more roles be added?

Eventually yes. This is just a barebones beginning. Eventually, these will grow organically into a completely autonomous, fluid framework for an in-game society. While the game is technically pre-launch, these are more focuses on pre-launch initiatives like community building.

How do I apply for a role?

Once you have completed the requirements, complete this form with the following information:

  • Your Discord username and forum username
  • Your public wallet address that holds your MC plot NFTs (do not send anyone your private keys)
  • The role(s) you are applying for
  • Proof that you have completed all of the requirements

Note: Include links where applicable, as images can be photoshopped and will not be acceptable as proof alone in most cases.

Not all requests for badges will be granted, as some are dependent on quality and is up to the core team discretion. Once roles are implemented in-game, qualifications will become task-based and become more clear and automatic.

What if I am denied for a role?

That’s ok, just like in the rest of life, we don’t get every role we want on the first try. Keep trying, ask for feedback if needed.

These roles are intentionally difficult to achieve. They’re markers of status, and come with perks that will translate and evolve in the Mars Colony game. They will become much bigger (as will their uses) as the project develops.

So what do I do now?

Some of you have completed some of these requirements in the past, but roles will be granted based on all actions going forward, not retroactively, with the exception of the “Explorer” role, granted to all land owners.

IMPORTANT: If you own a Mars Colony plot and want the Explorer role, complete the application process above by completing the Google Form.

Very important:

Please do not forget to connect your discord account and add your eth wallet address to our forum in profile settings!

And of course,

Be you

You are a specific combination of skills and interests that has never existed and will never exist again. Do the things you like, practice the things you want to be good at, and share your questions and ideas so we can continue to evolve!

Remember: None of the core team will ever DM you promising a role. There are plenty of scammers in the world, so if someone is offering a role, don’t believe them, or at least verify it with me or a third team member.

Forward :v:,



Love it! Creates more than just an investment!


Well done, McJuice. This is a great way to incentivize community engagement. I’m very excited to see the community grow (and the project in general), especially the discord where I now spend a significant portion of my day… lol

What I like a lot about this is that these roles are a reminder that the project truly is community driven and taking part in the community means you’re not just an investor worrying about CLNY price action (wen LP?) but in a sense part of the team. We as “investors” have an opportunity to help secure a positive outcome for the project instead of simply buying and hoping for the best. The benefit of these roles is mutual to the team and community and I believe these efforts will ultimately yield fantastic results. My conviction grows a little more everyday. :blue_heart:

I have an idea for “team roles” I’d like to share.

What if we could form teams (with their own discord channels and unique team badges) for specific projects / goals and various subsets of goals? Teams could be formed after someone (with the authority I suppose) makes a proposal for a project with a clear end goal along with a basis for means and methods. From there community members can freely apply until the right people are recruited for the job. Then they will have the option to apply for “sponsorship” (compensation basically) from the core MC team or work voluntarily. If applying for sponsorship, a detailed proposal must be written including the end goals, means and methods, expected timeline, and some info about the team members (qualifications). Kind of like a Harmony grant. When certain milestones are reached there is compensation. All of those details would be negotiable.

Anyway, I know that’s a lot of text so I’ll stop here. Looking FORWARD to hearing some feedback. Also let me know if you think I should post this idea in a separate thread.

Onward :metal:


X Æ A-12 here! Thank you for honoring my name

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As a farmer myself i want that role ahahaha


This is the community engagement we need :rocket::rocket::rocket:


Loving the roles!


love this project got 4 lands im all in!!


Awesome, welcome!

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Hi I have a suggestion for 1 more role, “philanthropist” and that would be someone who is using their CLNY and many plots, to help others with fewer plots do their upgrades. I have been helping 2 friends with only a couple of plots do their upgrades since I have many more. Maybe we could organize a community pool that people could contribute their loose change into, or something like that. After you have contributed a certain amount, or have given a certain amount away, that you can prove, then you would earn the “philanthropist” title


I think this is a cool idea. My only concern is that people who don’t need it may take advantage. How do we ensure that the right people are receiving help?

I also think collateralized loans would be nice and if you’re feeling philanthropic you could offer low or zero interest and generous term lengths for repayment.


The easiest way , send a photo with the marscolony app open to the philantropist , then he decide if he is telling the truth or tryng to scam

And enabling a tip system in the discord for keeping track of it

That’s not enough verification in my opinion. Say I wanted to scam a philanthropist all I would need to do is create a new MM wallet, buy 1 or 2 plots of land, no upgrades and make up a sob story. If somehow we could truly validate the neediness (for lack of a better word) of these people then I’m all for it. But I guess if someone wants to donate their CLNY to anyone asking for a handout that is their prerogative too. I hope I don’t sound rude it’s not my intent. I’m a fan of the sentiment of philanthropy I would just like to see it work properly in practice. That’s why a collateralized loan makes more sense to me. Even if the recipient doesn’t really need the loan at least the lender is guaranteed repayment.


Love it! Getting people up to speed when they have one plot is so tough. its hard to feel good with so little and seeing most folks are already at base station, etc. This might help folks once the game rolls out to get them up and functional so their plot is actually helping teh game environment and not being stagnant for 30 days for base or 60 days to get the first lvl1 operation.


Love this roles. Good to keep things spicy.


I suppose I will want to buy more land now ! lol

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