NFT Comparison: MarsColony vs Others.

We’ve got big dreams — A metaverse society with inter-blockchain and inter-galactic travel, a multiverse of Martians, an open game with NFT ownership with a fully-functioning and independent economy, and much more.

But even though we’re aiming for Mars and beyond, it’s helpful to relate what we’re doing to things here on Earth. Take, for example, other NFT projects.

How do they compare?

P2E Component DeFi Component UBI Component Limited supply Co-own Community Treasury fund
Mars Colony Land NFT yes yes yes yes yes
Majority of Collectibles NFT no no no no no
Majority of Gaming NFT yes yes no yes no

Collectible NFTs:

Many NFTs are collectible art pieces that people can buy and look at, and hope the price goes up. That’s a wonderful use case with lots to be explored. Many art projects also form communities centered around common interests, meetups, alpha, and more.

The issue of (a lack of) liquidity is common, however, and their value is like their beauty — In the eye of the NFT holder.

MarsColony NFT Land vs BoredApes:

Claiming price per one NFT Governance power Ownership of the project treasury
MarsColony NFT Land 420 MATIC yes yes
BoredApes 97 ETH no no

Gaming NFTs:

Gaming NFTs also have a community that focuses on common interests. You can improve character with your NFTs, generate income and earn rewards, craft upgrades, house guilds, and play games.

MarsColony NFT Land vs Axie Infinity Lands:

Claiming price per one NFT Governance power Ownership of the project treasury
MarsColony NFT Land 420 MATIC yes yes
Axie Infinity Lands 1 ETH no no

MarsColony NFTs:

In the case of Mars Colony, those interests include gaming, governance, philanthropy, music, art, architecture, anime/manga, and more. But on top of the collectibility, gamification and art, Mars Colony NFTs are utility tokens that bring even more to the table.

Your Mars Colony NFT is your proof of membership in the Colony — a community of creative and passionate people and players — and your ticket to governance in the Colony DAO.

MarsColony Ownership

Land is limited to 21,000 per blockchain, as well, and plots can only be subdivided and united (in the near future) by the owner of those plots.

UBI Concept

Every MC land plot generates CLNY token passively as a form of basic income. This sources the tokens necessary for a functioning economy, and enables owners to participate in playing/upgrading, liquidity provision, and the rest of the Colony economy.

Play to Earn

100% of CLNY supply will be distributed between NFT Land owners. Landlords have the power to upgrade the plot, make their land economically attractive and decide what part of the P2E revenue share they will get.

MarsColony DAO & Governance

While there are plenty of gaming NFTs out there, there will be no game like Mars Colony, and no community like the Colony. The income stream of the land plots and community-governed treasury is another rarity in the space.

Project default CLNY allocation per year per NFT Land plot on Polygon, including LP and treasury portions*

*if all land plots have no land upgrades

Year Amount of CLNY**
Year 1 1000
Year 2 861
Year 3 741
Year 4 638
Year 5 550
Year 6 473
Year 7 407
Year 8 351
Year 9 302
Year 10 260
Year 11 224
Year 12 193
Year 13 166
Year 14 143
Year 15 123
Year 16 106
Year 17 91
Year 18 79
Year 19 68
Year 20 58
Year 21 50
Total 6,884

**direct and indirect ownership combined

ROI projection

We can’t project what the ROI of a land plot on Polygon or future chains will be, but even amid a crushing bear market and low token price due to unreleased utility (changing soon), land plots minted on Harmony are still profitable, and continue to generate income daily on top of just their floor price increase.

Launch Dates

May 14 → Prelaunch → (for MarsColony users only)
May 25 → TestNet Launch + Beta tester campaign
TBD* → Private Mainnet Launch (available for beta testers)
TBD* → Public Mainnet Launch (available for anyone)

*approximate date

Start your Polygon Colony →


Get ‘em, Jeus!


Just a reminder that CLNY has lost over 90% of its value and was doing so long before any bear market was here.

Jeus has also said many many times in discord that he does not consider this a crypto project and the price of CLNY is not something he cares about.

If you are an investor stay the EFF away or lose your shorts. If you are just a degen “gamer” then this place is perfect.

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I am not really a gamer…but I am a huge fan of the colony and see its potential value in the future. Like any new asset in this space it shot up quick at first and then corrected once the blind speculation ended. This team is humble and dedicated to this project. They continue to build regardless of what the market is doing. A smart business leader will not make promises on what the future stock/crypto price will be. They will only tell you what they are working on and what to expect from the business in the near/long term. This is exactly what the team is doing… doubt them at your own peril.

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Hey, @klipche thanks for the feedback! Obviously, MarsColony is not a money printing machine, so you can’t treat it like that. But I am happy that you agree that MarsColony NFTs have much more utility than collectibles or other NFTs (since you haven’t argued utility, I assume that you agree with that).

Importnat to understand

In terms of CLNY price, I want to highlight that 100% of the token supply is owned by landlords, and the only reason it has such a price is that Landlords / Market value it like that.

Thats a pity to read. When we do design the colonization framework we expect to onboard people who are interested in building a framework for the metaverse society, not just investors or “gamers” who want to flip NFTs and get rich quickly.

Really appreciate your feedback, and hope you are one of those people who will go with us untill the end until we build a new type of society.

Hey @greconaut thank you for your feedback :heart: You are right, we keep building no matter the market situation.

Also @eugenefinch has a really juice product road map and we work on introducing a big concept of MarsColony to make sure that we all are on the same understanding on what we build and how do we see the future of the world!

I’m going to respectfully request that this post either be removed or rewritten on the following grounds:

  • Inaccurate information - in most places the public mint cost is 410 MATIC, not 420
  • The comparisons are distasteful and disingenuous and generally I would say it’s not a good look to compare yourself to other projects, especially not ones that are far more developed and successful. Also, why would a collectible NFT give you governance power or ownership of the project treasury?
  • UBI concept section and the UBI pitch in general needs to be dropped

I was going to continue but I’m realizing to anyone who has been a part of our community for the past 5 months every bit of this post feels out of touch.

@Rey You are a business dev, correct? Do you mind introducing yourself? What is your previous experience and what sort of bizdev stuff do you have in store for us?

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@Rutherford thank you for the feedback. I will rewrite the post and will update the comparison criteria as well. At the same time, I don’t agree that it’s not a good look to compare yourself with other projects. Let me explain.

When we launch a new planet we launch an NFT collection. When this NFT collection is available for the public minting it means that MarsColony NFT collection is in an open market competition with other NFT collections, including Collectibles, In-game attributes, and other types of NFT collections.

This is why it’s important, to explain to people who want to claim MarsColony NFT what is this, what kind of attributes they have and why they are better than other collections.