Official Proposal — Combined: Revenue share, ORE token, perishables, society-based economy, and more

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What you will read below is the combined effort of the entire martian community, and specific efforts from core team members, mediators, focus group participants, shitposters, harmonauts, and more.

Our goal is to build a new society and economy from the ground up, all centered on us Martians and our Clooneys (CLNY).

Where every existing project has failed so far is in trying to create economies based on one or two token utilities.

Our goal is to build a society on Mars and let the economy develop in stages as more use cases emulate real life. This is an overview of the main first steps, but each step can get increasingly more complex, as guilds eventually form businesses, landowners build cities, avatars expand professions, etc.

So for this proposal, instead of listing as ordered steps 1, 2, 3, etc., I’ve decided to just list all features and how they’ll affect us as a colony, and then we can build them out one at a time in the order they make the most sense.

Mission Rewards

This proposal addresses a lot more than just mission rewards, because rewards depend on utility, and utility depends on gameplay.

Using the supported ideas from other proposals, and speaking with multiple community members and core team members, multiple valuable rewards structures have become apparent, and we’d like to use them all.


First, XP. Your avatar’s level will determine skill points, how much stamina you have to complete missions, and eventually, what items, missions, plot details, upgrades, and crafting blueprints are available to you. We will spend XP and a small amount of CLNY to level up (think of it as a transaction burn, though a portion of that CLNY can also go to the treasury if we want it to at any point, based on a vote).

At first, missions will only reward XP. Think of this as the beta stage, where we get the most basic missions structure to test it out and make any necessary pivots.

Then, we will have an XP leaderboard which will allow users to compete for the top spot, and we can host competitions around this. Though the number of missions an avatar can complete is limited, we can create various tiers of competitions based on type and result (which is why the leaderboard wouldn’t start immediately, as we’d need more complex mission structures in place.

Revenue share

For landowners to earn mission rewards (XP for their guild, ORE and resources needed for upgrades, repairs and crafting), we’ll need to set a revenue share percentage for our plots. This is where we give a percent of our daily CLNY generation to avatars in return for that percent of the avatar’s mission rewards.

A base percentage can be decided, 5-10% for example, which every plot is set to initially. If a landowner wants more mission rewards, they can increase their share percentage, and avatars seeking more CLNY will seek out their plots.

A base level of CLNY generation will remain protected and unaffected by revenue share, which we will have to decide on together. For example, the initial 1 CLNY per plot, as well as the base station and Power Plant are protected, while all other CLNY beyond that are counted in the percentage calculations.

As such, to participate in revenue sharing, landowners will need to upgrade their plots beyond the protected income levels.

Revenue share will not be implemented until mission rewards include more than just XP.

ORE token/resources

We can then adopt the ORE token proposal to create a token that is minted (“mined”) through missions.

The ORE token can then be sold or refined using a new plot upgrade called a Mineral Refiner to break it into its component resources. Avatars can grant landowners either a small CLNY fee or a small portion of their refined resources in return for using the mineral refiner.

For a landowner to use their own mineral refiner, they must burn a small amount of CLNY for fuel costs.

Resources will have varying rarity, and some resources will only be available on specific planets/blockchains.

Resources will be used for upgrades, crafting, land repairs after storms and worm attacks, and other such processes.

Profession-specific rewards

Each profession will eventually have its own perks and skills.

All missions receive ORE, but a miner doing mining missions will receive considerably more ORE.

The other 3 professions don’t have a token, since ORE covers all resources, but instead have skill points, which they can spend on upgrading their skills to unlock blueprints and skills. Higher-level blueprints and skills open up new crafting options, tools, etc.

All missions receive programmer skill points, but Programmers doing programming missions receive considerably more.

All missions receive scientist skill points, but Scientists doing science missions receive considerably more.

All missions receive technician skill points, but Technicians doing technical missions receive considerably more.

Skill points can be used to level up their respective skills. A level 10 programming skill, for example, not only increases mission efficiency, but unlocks certain programming tools.

Same for Scientists and Technicians.

Blueprints are crafting instructions for special tools, weapons, items, ships, robots, buildings, etc. They require resources and CLNY to build what they describe.

Some blueprints will be so big they’re only accomplishable by guilds or even the entire Colony collaborating and sharing resources. Landowners/guildstarters use blueprints (and their requisite resources) to add new buildings, vehicles, etc to their plots, and to unlock future guild functions.

Scientist and programmer skills aid in blueprint creation, miners are better at mining ORE, and technician skills aid in crafting and building.


Perishables (both NFT and non-tokenized) can be purchased for CLNY (part of which is burned and part of which funds mission rewards).

Perishables can included:

Timed XP boosts
Repair kits for landowners
Single-use mission stamina boosts (do one more mission today, etc)

perishable nfts:
Tools that wear out
Certain vehicles

CLNY use cases

The main part of this development process will be building out more use cases for CLNY. Each transaction can require CLNY, as described below. CLNY from these use cases can be both burned and used to fund mission rewards so the treasury flow is protected.


When worms attack or storms damage bases, landowners can use CLNY and materials to have robots repair their buildings.

So that threats are not a constant annoyance, we can develop base protection mechanisms that bases can upgrade to rid themselves of this threat eventually. The upgrade would only be available with a certain guild level.


Whether guilds (plots) or avatars, leveling up will cost a small amount of CLNY.


Crafting items will require their blueprint, the required resources, and a varying amount of CLNY.


Eventually, there will be more buildings for landowners to build (after each currently available building has its in-game utility built) and avatars will have upgrades for their gear, skills, tools, and companions. These upgrades will require CLNY, and some will require resources and a certain avatar or guild level.

NPC item traders

Buying perishables or items from an NPC (non-playable character, “computer”), will cost CLNY.

NFT marketplace

Transactions in the in-game marketplace will be filled in CLNY.


Once Lyagush Co. visits Mars and pet NFTs are introduced, these pets will be minted for CLNY, and their upkeep (food, water, toys, skills) will require CLNY.


Certain missions and game modes will require robots. PvP deathmatches, for example, will use robots so no colonists are harmed. Similarly, future missions with extremely technical obstacles, dangerous locations, etc. can utilize robots.

Robots are perishable (they are destroyed if they lose a fight, get hurt, etc.) but can be repaired or built anew (depending on the damage). They will require CLNY, resources, and specific blueprints of a certain avatar or guild level to build.


Speaking of PvP, competitions and battles can have CLNY entry fees, most of which are given to the winner, and a small portion of which are burned or added to the treasury.

ORE/resource use cases

Where CLNY is the currency of the colonies, ORE is the raw material of the colonies. As such, it will have a wide array of use cases.

Refining, crafting, and repairs

Place ORE in a refiner to get a random amount of our planet’s resources. Higher-tier items and craftables will require higher levels of rarer resources, and since resources are not tokenized, the only way to get them is from the randomness factor of the refining process, which means we need ORE.

Repairing bases will require refined resources, which means landowners will need ORE as well, and for crafting guild-level items or new buildings.


ORE can be traded for CLNY, and vice versa.


Guilds are formed by landowners, who can create as many guilds as plots they have. However, they can also join multiple plots into one guild. How they allocate plots between guilds will depend on their goals and the size of guilds they want to build.

The more plots, the more members a guild can fit, which means the more resources it can aggregate, and the bigger things it can build, do, or invest in.

Guilds will be both in-game and real-world (if you can’t tell by now, we don’t really think there’s a difference. Mars is as real as we make it).

Avatars can join guilds, and guilds can engage in the following:

PvP, GvG

Avatars will eventually be able to engage in player-vs-player (PvP) competitions or combat (combat will be Robot-vs-Robot, so Colonists don’t kill each other).

Similarly, guilds can compete in Guild-vs-guild mission completion competitions, crafting competitions, battles, and more.

Giga-crafting, Giga-missions

Certain missions or blueprints will require a massive amount of labor and resources, which only guilds (and for some, only entire colonies) can amass.

These giga-burn events could be the creation of space stations, mining cities, or other giant tasks.

Colony collaborations, meta-missions

Meta-missions are missions which require and entire colony (or even multiple interchain colonies) to collaborate on and share resources to complete. These will unlock new phases in the main story, new expanded maps, etc. They will be the in-game counterpart to real-world launches.


Guilds, as a gathering of real humans online with a real currency (CLNY), will be able to form real businesses or organizations. Nonprofits, investment guilds, merch shops, dev guilds, esports guilds, etc.

If you can think of it, you can do it.


This proposal is focused on mission rewards, so it does not address coming sectors of the Martian economy, such as lending/borrowing, the DEX, and other such systems. It also does not address certain coming lore, governance, spiritual presences, or any cosmic mysteries.


This is a very big scope for the end-game for Mars Colony as we can currently conceive it. By the time all of these things have been built out over the next gods-know-how-long, MC will likely have evolved as a society to have come up with even more iterations.

Keep an open mind, and buckle up.



I love this proposal.


This one is getting my vote for sure!

I love the combinations of all the best bits from each proposal and focus group! Truly a community led project.


This looks like the best proposal IMO.
Looking forward to seeing this game evolve!

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I believe it is a good combination of the two other proposals. There is so much to be unfolded in Mars. I’m pretty keen. Good job team

This is fantastic

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That was intense in a good way! Hope we all have upside, I’m more of a passive landowner if there is a role for that, cheers

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