Official VOTE: Mission Rewards


It’s almost time to cast your votes. In mere hours, voting will go live at, and when you log in with an eligible wallet, you’ll get an alert asking you to vote. It’s an on-chain vote verified by a wallet address snapshot, but the app will handle all logistics, no need to add a token ID or anything. Just click and vote! Who said blockchain needs to be confusing?

The choice is between 3 updated proposals. Please read each carefully before voting.

The options have been narrowed down to the two proposals that received a majority of “Yes” votes in the informal poll, and one proposal which combines useful and popular elements from all original proposals.

Choice 1: Revenue share, resources, social economy

Choice 2: ORE token, profession-themed rewards

Choice 3: Combined, Revenue share + ORE and professions + perishables + etc

Thank you all for engaging in such productive discussions, and for so actively helping to build and shape this society.

A lot of creative and useful ideas were discovered, and the proposals are great examples of what we can accomplish when we work together.

Everyone should decide for themselves what they hope for Mars, and vote accordingly. Either way, this will be great.

Whatever the outcome, the proposal with the most token votes for it will be the one implemented as closely as we can for mission rewards going forward.

Let’s see what kind of future you decide on, eh?

Whatever you choose, understand:

This is a massive lift, and will take time, and lots of funding.

We can do it, but we’ll need your help.

And most importantly, it will be hard. We’ll need to stay strong and have each other’s backs, Martians.


— brother


Hi Brother!

Thank you for this piece of information, but can you provide some explanation about how this voting will affect dev roadmap ( and “Story” part of web-site (Mars Colony - Decentralized society for web 3)?

In Roadmap there are tasks about Robots. And “Story” tells us about some problems with AI:

It’s the beginning of the Colony on Mars, and the first settlers just claimed 21,000 unique land plots. On 129 Sol, Mars’s communication systems with Earth went off abruptly, and over 40% of the robots went out of control.

It became apparent that it was the work of an AI who went rogue and planned to establish control over the Colony. Your role is to prevent AI from taking over the rest of the territory and help restore the peace.

So did Robots thing will come along with the ideas from votes or will be replaced by them?


The robots will be present either way, we just included them in certain proposals to show examples of gameplay and usage.

The main story and main overarching roadmap don’t change, just some of the specifics or timelines, but we can’t estimate timelines well until we know what we’re building.


Voted! Super easy, thanks team.

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