Polygon contract migration


We are changing our MC NFT Land Plots contract on Polygon from 0xb5D95034171733F3D636B49e5f4703d7d906b1a4 to 0x3B45B2AEc65A4492B7bd3aAd7d9Fa8f82B79D4d0

The new contract is already linked to the system, integrated on rarible and opensea. All tokens from the old contract are migrated to the new one

Metadata in the old contract is changed to inform about the migration. And tokens on the old contract will never be transferrable. We go live on Polygon with the new contract soon

Reason: there was a small lack of compatibility with NFT marketplaces with our old contract (for some reason they need SC to follow Ownable interface. I love Harmony marketplaces much more now because of compatibility)

So if you have imported Land Plots in wallets, portfolios and same things, you need to add the new address. Unless nothing has changed for you