Polygon smart contract small change

Hello everyone!

Just a small tech announcement where I’ll inform you about smart contract changes in polygon app.


this weekends we will update polygon smart contracts related to lands’ passive earning. Before the update passive earning worked this way:

All pCLNY tokens that produce all lands’ shares were systematically minted on a game manager contract and were stored there untill they will be collected by the users.

After the contracts update system will change and will work this way:

pCLNY tokens that are earned by lands’ shares will be minted only when user collect their tokens in the app so there no longer will be a buffer contract where uncollected pCLNY will be accumulated.


This means that all the tokens that are now stored on the game manager contract 0xCAFAeD55fEfEd74Ca866fE72D65CfF073eb42797 will be burned (transaction hash will be added here later)


soon enough (hopefully next week) we will turn off passive income of Power Plant and Transport Hub facilities. These facilities will still have shares but they will become imaginary.

This means that these shares will not passively produce pCLNY tokens but they will still increase planet summary shares amount so passive income of real shares (from land and other facilities) will remain the same and won’t increase with this change.

Missions’ rewards will still be:

  1. Coding - 1 share * 0.75

  2. Decrypt - 1 share * 1

  3. Mining mission depends on transport hub level on land:
    1 lvl - 0.5 share
    2 lvl - 1 share
    3 lvl - 2 shares


526k pCLNY burned