Preparing For Landing Day

Landing Day


Your time in transport is about to end. It’s been a long few months, but in just two more days you’ll set foot on solid rock once again.

At what would be on Earth 1100 UTC on Saturday, April 2nd, 2022, we expect to be landing on Mars.

As you are the first batch of Martians to arrive, this day will forever be commemorated as Landing Day 1, or LD1.

Martian ID tokens

Upon arrival, all 21,000 of you will be receiving an identification token in the form of an NFT. To maintain a calm process, they will be issued in 3 batches of 7,000 tokens every 8 hours on Landing Day (LD).

That means:

  • 7,000 at 1100 UTC Saturday

  • 7,000 at 1900 UTC Saturday

  • 7,000 at 300 UTC Sunday

You do not need to own land to get your ID, you simply need to click the mint button at and follow the instructions.

First-come, first-served, while the ID NFTs last.

There will be a transaction fee of 30 CLNY, which you should have been given plenty of by now. 5% of this fee rewards the creators of the ID tokens for their hard work, while the remaining 95% will be burned.

To claim your ID, simply log into your Mars Colony dashboard, click the mint button, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Your identification token will contain your assigned rank and role, and can be used to log your experience and track your proficiency milestones.


To maintain order in the Colony, we’ve assigned each of you a rank, which is denoted by the background color of your ID token.

These are not a strict hierarchy of order, as though you must militaristically obey Martians with a higher rank. They are, rather, a marker of the experience and responsibility of each Martian, and should be respected, but not worshiped.

I will not tolerate anyone lording their rank over another.

Cadet Blue

A blue background signifies a rank of Cadet. Cadets are the most common rank, and they make up approximately 89% of all Martians. They are tasked with building out the colonies, and are granted more patience than higher ranks as they learn Martian Ethics.

Cadets will be equipped with a full set of common gear.

Explorer Purple

A purple background signifies a rank of Explorer. About 10% of Martians are explorers, and they are tasked with exploration and innovation. They are proven Martians helping to create or find solutions, and are expected to have internalized Martian Ethics and live fairly.

Explorers are granted at least one piece of rare gear, and if lucky may be equipped with up to a full set of rare gear.

Atlas Red

A red background signifies a rank of Atlas. At only about 1% of the Martian population, Atlas ranking Martians are de facto legends in the Colony. Just as the titan Atlas held the Earth on its shoulders in mythology, Atlas Martians have dedicated themselves to serving all Martains. They are expected to display Martian Ethics with their lives, and lead by example.

Martians of Atlas rank are granted at least one piece of legendary gear, and if lucky may be equipped with up to a full set of legendary gear.

Note: Gear is assigned at random.

Martian Ethics

There’s much to do, but after a long journey, it’s best to rest before beginning another. So we’ll hold off on assigning missions for a few weeks while you acclimate to life on a new planet.

I know you’re relieved to have left Earth, and I congratulate you on escaping. But don’t fool yourselves, you’re not here for an easy life. Things may even be harder than they were on Earth at times. Except now, when things get difficult, we can lean into the difficulty knowing we’re doing good work, and leaving a legacy for our children and the future of all humanity.

This is pillar 1 of Martian Ethics: We are building a better universe.

On Earth, people divide themselves by race, gender, wealth, politics and religion (which are the same thing), etc. In the Colony, we understand that we’re one species, building one community. And should we meet any other species in the future, we will treat them as we treat ourselves. We also will care for all planets, their ecosystems, and all creatures or objects on them. We are all members of the same universe.

This is Pillar 2: Our individualities do not negate our unity.

Leave behind whatever feuds and cliques formed during transport. When you form guilds, remember that any competition is for entertainment or mutual progress. You aren’t enemies, even if you’re rivals.

Pillar 3: We are not enemies.

When we make decisions for the Colony, put aside your own interests and trust your fellow Martian to look out for them, while you look out for theirs.

Pillar 4: We serve each other.

And when newcomers arrive, welcome them with open arms, trusting them readily. Suspicion has no place in the Colony. Because we can count on each other should any real threat arise, we don’t need to be constantly on guard. Be aware, but not aggressive.

Pillar 5: We assume positive intent.

That said, should you question the actions of anyone in the colony, including us founders, speaking up will never be discouraged. Open and safe freedom of speech is essential to a well-functioning society. Don’t hold grudges, resolve them. Conflict can be healthy.

Pillar 6: Conflict resolved is a tool of progress.

And finally, the most important thing to remember is that mistakes are a part of the process, not a flaw. Don’t shame others or be ashamed to be wrong. Just be open to change.

Pillar 7: We are not ashamed to fail.

We’ll talk more in the coming weeks about how governance will work, what you’ll be paid for missions, etc. In the meantime, acquaint yourself with your suit and your surroundings, and go make some friends.

The bonds you form will be what protects these colonies from any threats that may arise in the future.


I apologize if this has felt at all like a lecture, I hope you can forgive me. It’s my duty to ensure we have a thriving culture on Mars, and it’s important that we’re working together, whatever comes.

And Martians, remember:

No matter what happens to us, and no matter what mistakes we make, our first duty is to keep moving




Amazing days ahead :rocket:. Locked and loaded… Forward :fast_forward:


great announcement, can’t wait for landing day!


Woohoooooo! Landing Day 1 – I’m looking forward to it. :partying_face: Great work, team and community, for all the progress that got us here.

Forward. :v::sunglasses:


can’t waitttt go go go


Exciting times :slight_smile:

Reading that I was immersed into the story, extremely looking forward to our future on Mars!


So the mint button will be on:


Great days ahead of us Martians :red_circle:

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Forwaaard ! :smiley:

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Awesome, thanks!

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Will the mint option only be available to land owners or is it available to everyone who has the App?


Everyone who has the app! Landowners don’t have any special preference except they’ve been passively generating clny so they prob don’t have to buy extra (but they will)


Love it! LFG!

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What will be the term for sale? First come - first serve?


That was inmersive, I am ready for LD1 and LD2 :smiley: LG

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Dearest Brother,

We look forward to Landing Day. Can you please clarify – since there are 21,000 of us, and I believe there are 21,000 land plots – are there 21,000 ID tokens? So each landowner gets one ID token? And hence, one avatar, if he/she/X so chooses to spend the 30 $CLNY?

Thank you for the clarification!


i’m thrilled to the thought of all the amazing quest and missions. Thank You Father and all The MC community.

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thanks for the update…!!! im a very happy new martian

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Very excited for this and the continued development of MarsCLNY! Thank you for all the hard work.

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