Program Apollo - Season 1

Hey, Martians!

It’s super-cool news to all MarsColony nft holders who want to join a new powerful event.

Half-year had gone from the first time when the first settlers successfully colonized Polygon planet, and we are glad to all of you! From that time, the development team launched the game module, and the feedback we received was excellent. More fun, more gears, more pCLNY.

But in this bearish time, all efforts should be aimed at attracting new goals, and I’m sure these goals are common to all of us. So let’s talk about it in more detail.

Program Apollo

Have you ever considered why missions are so crucial for all colonists?
It’s like a range of successful, the more minerals we get and write lines of code, the more people from the ecosystem will know about us and want to join us, which will significantly speed up the colony’s development on the Polygon planet.

We are starting a new competition to help us gain MarsColony performance :rocket: To The Moon :rocket: and get you a chance to become a landlord! The primary goals of this campaign are:

  • Increase transactions quantity
  • Attract more users
  • Make more awareness


We set simple conditions to achieve our goals in season 1; all participants should complete 30 missions on the Polygon planet from 1-15 December (average 2 missions per day). If you have done this condition successfully, we will put you on the list of potential winners and, after that, randomly define ten winners! Is it sounds good? And now what can you get if you win a prize place?

Prize Pool

1st place Land Plot + Legendary Box + 1000 pCLNY + discord role
2d place Land Plot + Rare Box + 900 pCLNY + discord role
3d place Land Plot + Rare Box + 800 pCLNY + discord role
4th place Land Plot + Rare Box + 700 pCLNY + discord role
5th place Land Plot + Rare Box + 600 pCLNY + discord role
6th place Land Plot + Rare Box + 500 pCLNY + discord role
7th place Land Plot + Rare Box + 400 pCLNY + discord role
8th place Land Plot + Rare Box + 300 pCLNY + discord role
9th place Land Plot + Rare Box + 200 pCLNY + discord role
10th place Land Plot + Rare Box + 100 pCLNY + discord role

Final words

We know that all of you are here to improve this world, and fate gives each of us a chance to receive rewards equal to our efforts. This competition will continue in new seasons, where tasks will become more complex, and prizes will be more valuable, so don’t lose your chance to get a land plot on the Polygon planet.

Good luck, Martian, and remember, you can do anything and even more.

let’s start your missions right now - Mars Colony App


Thanks for this opportunity. Happy to have picked up some lands and PCLNY this week woohoo.

Only Polygon?!
Boo :-1: :-1: :-1:
When was Harmony planet deprecated?


Big time boo. Too many questions here: Why only Polygon? Why 30 missions? Why 15 days? Why the name Apollo? What’s the purpose of this “program”? Why, why, why?

We need narratives to give any meaning to what you’re doing. You are thinking of this as if it’s a math problem: input 30 missions, duration 15 days, output land ownership. That’s not how engagement works! You need a story for people to be immersed in.

You’re thinking about Mars as if you are a web3 developer. You need to start thinking about Mars as if you’re a Martian explorer. That’s what you want of the community, but you need to do it first! Give us a story to hold onto.


Completely agree!!!


The idde with a story has already been suggested more than. I think they’re great too. The team probably not, since nothing has been implemented yet, let alone a reaction to it. They describe season 1, which is entirely geared towards polygons. What about harmony? If season 2 is also geared towards polygons, I will consciously not make any measurements towards polygons. You have to deal with such actions differently. Start a poll to see if the community agrees with what you’re doing. Whether the community think that something like this will bring us further. It’s like your referral programs, I said back then that it wouldn’t do any good. The team had a different opinion. I would have liked to know how many new players we gained from this, certainly none.


I also don’t like it that harmony is simply left lying around!!!

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I’m disappointed that there’s not even reply from the team. The forum seems to be used only for the announcements lately, there’s no engagement with the project buyers and supporters like it was at the beginning of the project.
Even the proposals on Snapshot, which are supposed to paint the direction this project is heading, seems to be completely dismissed.
Once again, I’m truly disappointed. :-1:

Team, do you need a reinforcement in your troops? I’d be glad to help out.

All the best,
Andi :v:t2:


Yeah, this is disappointing big time. And the radio silence is disappointing as well. Some response would go a long way to restoring a bit of faith.

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Hey, I’ll try to explain the direction of this campaign :slight_smile:
Sorry for being silent, too many things are needed more attention.

So what about the main reason for the Apollo Program?

As you know, we’ve completed a few marketing campaigns to attract new users through free avatar distribution on the Polygon planet. And in our opinion, new avatar holders hadn’t sense to use their nft, so we started this campaign to stimulate engagement. As you see prize pool focuses on land distributions between active users. And what about the number of missions? An avatar can complete 4 basic missions or 2 mining missions per day, and for holders of one avatar, 30 missions in 15 days will be the optimal amount to enter the draw.

In addition, it’s only the first season, and we noted your thoughts about attracting Harmony users to the same campaign for potential onboarding on the Polygon planet. Your feedback is collected and will be implemented in future campaigns.


Yes, I understand that we want to stimulate engagement on Polygon, but the fact that there is no narrative basis for engagement still stands.

If you got a random NFT of a spaceman, and then you got a random tweet about using that spaceman to do missions, what would drive your action? Curiosity. Plain curiosity, which is great. That’s a solid motivator. But all alone, curiosity can only do so much. Give me a stick and a hole in the ground and I’ll stick it in, but I’ll probably leave the stick and the hole behind eventually.

We need a narrative to explain why they are putting the stick in the hole. Curiosity can get them here, but a narrative is the only thing that will explain what they’re doing, and it is the only thing that will hold them here. Otherwise, you’ll wind up with short-lived pops in engagement (if anything), and things will peter off.

Do we have the engagement stats? What do they look like? Has engagement been sustained for the 30 missions? Or are we seeing a pop and then fall off?

PS: I could be completely off base, and maybe people just do stuff for curiosity’s sake. But based on what I know about humans, we tell stories. The only reason we do things is because we buy into some narrative. We haven’t given any Martians a narrative yet.

Does that make sense? The lack of narrative is my big concern.


Hey, Martians! We are glad to all Martians who participated in the Apollo campaign. Here is the list of wallets of our ten finalists. Congratulations MarsColony Explorers!

  1. 0xa1c5674583f7d87ed8c278b0a49a34963e32f7eb
  2. 0x2aa337c719784dab5f1e55c882b09be513e83958
  3. 0x95ddaa0b576059f5ec38ca42f665c0cd9a855a98
  4. 0xca0e0b6b6800bcf7f6ebc02ee98f4d2fcd1995b3
  5. 0x72242a5ab86783e94fdf2f912e133b03ae3764a5
  6. 0x30b628c2799632ebde850ded7700977ccb98bf05
  7. 0x1093c51d8448dd280be4680289fbde2ea69b81f2
  8. 0x09566313171bc7c594c5bc72d12f2423ead38546
  9. 0xbd027317ea87b5ea28a66c7095cb241e40e4e24c
  10. 0x1c4ebbee1470993473825fd548c48aab22b7c345

A few words about prize distribution: Lands, boxes, and pCLNY tokens have been sent to your wallets. And as we promised, we want to award a unique role to the winners. The new “Explorer” role will allow others to recognize your Martian prowess!

To obtain this role, winners should follow the instruction in the discord channel #collabland-join

Stay tuned to join new upcoming events!