Proposal: Colonize Blockchains

As humans strive to colonize Mars, we build a framework that allows you to put a fingerprint on Mars colonization and beyond.

Meet Colony

A blockchain-based colonization framework that allows our civilization to settle up new territories, organize decentralized governance, and fee economies on Mars and beyond.

The colonization process might take tens or hundreds of years, and end result might not be feasible in the first stages. But remember first people who enter the North American continent four hundred years ago and compare it with the United States.

With the Colony framework, this process became fully transparent and open for participation for 4.66 Billions of active internet users on Earth.

Colony Modules


To claim interest on any piece of territory available on Mars. Simply, you can choose any piece of territory available in the network.


Once the territory is chosen, and the transaction is submitted, Colony smart-contract will record your claim on the blockchain. This record corresponds the territory coordinates on Mars surface details into NFT token.


After successful transaction confirmation, the smart-contract will return on your wallet newly minted NFT. Once information is submitted into a NFT token, the record will remain on the blockchain forever. That also means that all blockchain-based services (wallets, exchanges, marketplaces) will recognize your ownership on a particular NFT.


Ownership means the ability to have an open market for all claimed pieces, without any limitations. Anyone with access to the internet is able to claim a NFT on the primary market during Initial Interest Claiming or buy & sell any piece in the secondary market via Mars NTF marketplace or via existed NFT market places as Opensea or Rarible

Modify: split & unite

Once you have a first NFT that corresponds interest on a particular territory, you are free to modify and use it on your own. With this module, you will be able to do business or create a community, citiy or country by combining your effort with other people.


The community treasury and decision-making will be goverend by the Mars DAO. All decisions will be made by the community NFT holders.


While Elon Musk & Space X works toward bringing humans on Mars, on the Colony framework anyone can build their own Mars metaverse that will correspond to the commonly agreed Mars Constitution.

Design a New Economy

Imagine a race for wealth that billions of people on Earth participate in every day, and try to answer these questions:

  • Is it fair?
  • Does everyone have an equal possibility?
  • Is it transparent?

If all answers are β€œno” then Colony is your chance for a change.

Here is why

The Colony has a transparent rule for generating income that is fixed on blockchain and can’t be changed:

  1. Each colony has the same amount of tokens (144,800,000) to form its economy
  2. Token minting process starts when land plots are deployed on mainnet
  3. Every colony has the same set of land improvements that can be built to speed up the minting process and add in-game features
  4. Every colony has initial liquidity with transparent economic incentives
  5. Token minting speed depends on the strategy you chose
  6. Success of the Colony depends on collaboration between landowning architects and avatar-owning explorers and the decisions they will make via the DAO

See also Game design that will take place once all colonies are formed.

The Proposal: To colonize blockchains

Colony is a community-owned and governed project. The Colony DAO starts operating once the settler are deployed on the mainnet of chosen network.

Setting up Colonies

  1. The Settlers will be settled across different blockchain networks see The Settlers landing announcements
  2. Initial liquidity will be set particularly with the fee collected during the land distribution process / (UPD) or IDO or other way of distribution.
  3. Every Settler will have a transparent and fair setup when everyone in the community has equal opportunities
  4. Every Colony will have the same basic economy set up, but Colony growth rate and evolution depend on the decisions made by the DAO

> You can claim a piece here

Start a Colony β†’

Tokenomic β†’

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Hello, Is all the land taken/colonized already?

Yes. Land is gone but you can still purchase on the secondary markets at

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great, thanks man, appreciate your time